Crystal Lake Cockroach Control

Crystal Lake, Illinois is proud of its public parks system, which includes over 1600 acres of open spaces and parks. An additional 230 acres around Crystal Lake for boating, fishing, swimming, and winter ice skating provide some truly fantastic year round fun. When it comes to fun, there is an insect that would love to come into your home and enjoy some year round delights too, of course, we are talking about the cockroach.

Hide the hops

It is commonly known that cockroaches love the kitchen. They love anything edible but they show a special attraction to sugar. However, it has been found that the American cockroach loves alcoholic beverages, especially beer. The combination of hops and sugar is especially delicious and they will scurry into garbage cans, lured by the scent of lingering drops in bottles and containers just to satisfy their drinking problem. Any food is free game to a cockroach though, they just want sustenance, and if a morsel is accessible, they show no control and devour it.

Hard to kill

Cockroaches are difficult to kill. Not only can they infiltrate every cranny and crevice in the house to hide during a do-it-yourself extermination attempt, they have adapted ways of surviving the most brutal situations. Want to drown them? They can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. Want to cut off their heads? They can live as long as 7 days without a head since they breath through holes in their body segments. Chase them down with chemicals? Even a 1 day old baby cockroach, which is the size of a speck of dust, can run almost as fast as its adult parents.

Call in the experts!

Not only are they annoying, but cockroaches can spread germs and bacteria throughout your home very quickly. Since they can live up to a month without food, getting rid of an infestation by yourself is near impossible. Save yourself the headache. Call Pointe Pest Control and our professional technicians in Crystal Lake can take care of your dilemma in a timely manner. Go back to sipping suds with your buddies and say sayonara to these crunchy free loaders!












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