FAQs About Rodents

FAQ’s About Rodents

Chicago residents are hardy when it comes to cold weather, and the city’s rodents are no different – meaning it’s important to stay vigilant during the winter months to keep rodent problems at bay. The following are some frequently asked questions to help you keep mice and rats out of your home this winter:

What health problems are linked to rodents in the home?

Because rodents don’t really use their bladders, they’re known to stream their urine in a trail wherever they go, making them a serious health hazard in your home. Besides the well-known Hantavirus, rodents are also known to spread diseases like leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tularemia, salmonellosis, and lymphocytic chorio-meningitis.

What is the best season to take prevention measures against rodents?

Mice begin nesting in homes for the winter as early as October, then begin breeding in the early spring. Even if you haven’t noticed any signs of an infestation, winter is a great time to take prevention measures. This will reduce the likelihood of a springtime invasion when populations soar.

How do rodents enter my home?

Amazingly, mice can fit through holes as tiny as ¼ inch, and can jump as high as 13 inches. They’re also very good climbers, allowing them to ascend the surface of your home in search of the tiniest crack to slip into.

Why don’t I ever see them?

Mice are nocturnal creatures. This means you’re likely to see evidence of their activities in the morning, but will rarely see them during the day unless you’re experiencing an especially serious problem.

What are some signs I have an infestation?

Mice build their nests out of finely shredded paper that they scavenge from your home, so these along with tiny rice-like droppings are a good indication that you’ve got furry company.

For help with prevention or extermination this winter, try Pointe Pest Control. Our experts offer long-term rodent control solutions year-round. Contact us today.

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