Winnetka Wasp Control

The Winnetka Park District has events all year round, but during the summer it seems there’s much more on the calendar. From events like Bike Winnetka, Pupcorn and a Movie Doggy Date Night and even family BBQ’s there’s much to enjoy. However, wherever there is something grilling there are usually wasps. Wasps love meats, pop cans and some good old dessert. They will ruin any party by buzzing around and running off your guests. Our wasp control experts at Winnetka don’t want to see this happen. That is why our certified technicians will get rid of wasps for you whether you’re at a park or on your home patio. We want the safest environment for our Winnetka residents!

Black and Yellow Pests

These flying creatures are usually mistaken for yellow jackets, as their bodies are a bright black and yellow. Although they are tiny in size, they are dangerous and armed. Wasps have rapid stingers and if they feel threatened they will keep stinging you until they are dead. And their backside isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. They can bite and chew into soft flesh if they feel there is a threat. We recommend that if they are buzzing around you, don’t try to kill them, just relocate to a safer area. If you do happen to see a nest, stay away! If you walk near their home you could be in jeopardy. You could be attacked if you go near the warm and dry area where the nest it built. Sometimes wasp even build their nests under playground equipment, so check the areas you let your children play in.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"I am just writing to compliment the service we have received for the past 8 years. Our serviceman has been so prompt, thorough, pleasant and informative as well as successful in keeping our home pest free. I have not seen any evidence of any unwanted pests whatsoever the whole time we have been using this pest control service. Thank you very much." -Mary stars  

We are just a phone call away!

With all the events that Winnetka Park District hosts throughout the year, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss them. Our Winnetka wasp control experts know that these flying invaders will crash any outdoor party. Pointe Pest Control’s certified technicians will use environmentally friendly products that are safe for your family and pets.

Our treatments are always safe and we will discuss them with you before we get started. We will eliminate the problem so that you can take back your summer and be wasp free. Give the experts at Pointe Pest Control a call today for your free consultation!

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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