Winnetka Rodent Control

In the village of Winnetka, there are just over 12,400 people. This quaint village is just 16 miles north of downtown Chicago and was ranked in America’s 25 top-earning towns by CNN Money. However, despite its rankings, the town is still vulnerable to rodents. All the homes and people means free food and rent for these pests. Our job here at Pointe Pest Control is to make sure that these filthy pests stay out of your home. Winnetka’s rodent control experts know that rodents are a health hazard. We do all it takes to make you feel comfortable in your own home after a hard days work.

Disease Transmitters

Mice and rats are filled with diseases, ruin the insulation in your home and spoil the food in your cupboards. Mice are able to squeeze through tight spaces that could be the size of a dime. While rats are a bit bigger, they can still squeeze through holes that are the size of a quarter. Letting one get in your home could become a real issue. A single female mouse can give birth to 140 babies, and those babies become fertile in just two months. Imagine having hundreds or even thousands of rodents infesting your home in less than a year. Aside from having to get rid of them, you would also have to worry about your safety. They carry diseases and can transmit salmonella from just a touch.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"I am just writing to compliment the service we have received for the past 8 years. Our serviceman has been so prompt, thorough, pleasant and informative as well as successful in keeping our home pest free. I have not seen any evidence of any unwanted pests whatsoever the whole time we have been using this pest control service. Thank you very much." -Mary stars  

Don’t let Rodents ruin your home

No matter what you have crawling around your home, we can get rid of them. Our rodent control experts in Winnetka can guarantee complete satisfaction or they will return free of charge. After you give us a call for your consultation we will send out our certified technician to come and inspect your home.

We have the solution to eradicate any rodent problem and know what it takes to stop another infestation from happening. As much as we take pride in our work, we also give the best customer service. If there is something you don’t understand or are worried about, just let us know and we will work it out with you. Don’t let pests gain the upper hand, call us today!

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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