Orland Park Spider Control

Orland Park, Illinois is full of entertaining things to do. From the Aquatic Center to the Winter Wonderland ice skating rink, there are always fun things to do in every season. And just like Orland Park, spiders also find places to play around your home, no matter the season. Homeowners often think because they can’t see spiders in the winter, that they’re not there. This is not true. There are species of spiders that gravitate to the warmth of office buildings and homes to wait out the winter. Other spiders die off during the winter but leave behind an egg sac filled with thousands of spiderlings, ready to spread their own spider posterity all over your house.

Don’t share your house

You’ll open your door to all sorts of relatives or let your kids’ friends stay for dinner but your generosity has its limits. Letting spiders make up a bed and enjoy the warmth of your comfortable home is too much. But if you don’t take measures to prevent it, that’s exactly what spiders will do. Spiders need year round control to ensure they don’t build their summer or winter homes right next to your bed. There are things you can do to prevent their entrance into your home, such as replacing broken screens, adding weatherstripping to your doors and windows and sealing holes and crevices on the exterior of your home. Also making sure the vegetation around your house is less attractive to spiders helps. Keep bushes and grasses trimmed will keep spiders from hiding and nesting. Also removing clutter, empty planters pots, and grills will eliminate more hiding spots.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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We will do the dirty work

Once you’ve made steps to make your home less inviting, we will get in and do the rest. Our methods are proven and guaranteed to be 100% effective. We use safe and non-toxic pest control that won’t harm your family. Replacing spiders with chemicals that will put your children and pets at risk is not a good alternative. We believe in gentle but extremely effective treatments that keep the environment and your loved ones protected. Our customers are our highest priority and our Orland Park spider control experts look forward to serving you!  For all your spider control needs, call us anytime!

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