Wolf Spider

1/2 - 1 inch
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Wolf spiders are about 1/2-1 inch long and are usually brown or gray. These hairy creatures most often get mistaken for the brown recluse spider but differ because there is no violin shaped marking on them. Wolf spiders get their name from being on the ground and always on the hunt. These spiders do not make webs to get their prey, instead they hunt on the grounds at night. These spiders are fast on their feet and bury most of their eggs in tunnels. Wolf spiders are solitary creatures and don't live or travel in packs. They usually enter homes during the months when the temperatures are cooling down to ensure warmth over the winter. These spider bites are not lethal, however it can be very painful and we still recommend that you seek medical attention if bitten.

Signs of Infestation:

A wolf spider infestation will be pretty obvious especially if they are getting comfortable in your home. These spiders enter through gaps under doors and through crevices. The main way to tell if you have an infestation is just seeing these wolf spiders appearing around your home. They don't usually come out when there are people so if they around when you're around that's a sign. Most times they enter homes when fall hits and the weather is cooling down because they are looking for somewhere warm to stay before winter hits. Some things that you can do to help with preventing an infestation is to remove clutter from the gutters or the outside areas of your home. They are attracted to the leaves and other piles of debris that surround your home. You also want to see what kind of lights you have outside, certain lights attract insects and these are what the wolf spiders feed on. An infestation of wolf spiders may not be life threatening but it's good to steer clear of them because their bites are extremely painful.

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