Geneva Spider Control

Geneva, Illinois is home to a beautiful Dutch windmill located near the Fox River. Colonel Fabyan, a wealthy man, paid $75,000 to have it dismantled and moved to Geneva. The Fabyan Mill is held together by wooden dowels. All of the machinery inside it are intricately carved hickory gears. It’s a letdown when such beautiful structures are overrun by spiders making their webs. You pay good money for your house. Invest in it and maintain it. You can count on the Geneva spider control experts from Pointe to sweep your spiders and their webs out of your home.

It’s that time of year again when house spiders start to branch out. House spiders will make multiple webs to catch their food. They’ll make these webs in basements, windowsills and on the outer walls of houses. Female house spiders will lay up to four egg sacs. These sacs contain 200 spider eggs. One embarrassing place to find spider webs is on the front door. It’s a sign that you rarely use it and enter the house through your garage. These spiders can quickly populate your house if you don’t keep them in check.

Geneva is also home to two poisonous spiders. The black widow is easily identified by the red hourglass shaped mark on its abdomen. A bite from this venomous spider causes pain and muscle spasms that can last several days. The brown recluse is a common spider here. They are identified by their six eyes and violin shaped marks on its head. Brown recluses like to hide in tight, dark spaces. Some are found under towels in bathrooms or linen closets.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Web Away Protection

If your spider sense is tingling, call your Geneva Spider control experts at Pointe today. Our technicians will brush away spider webs off the outside and inside parts of your home. The dust used on the brush kills the remaining spiders and prevents them from coming back. The spider service is one of our most popular and will keep your house looking like new. The green products we use will keep your family safe from spiders. Call today to join your friendly neighborhood spider route.

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