Hinsdale Ant Control

The residents of Hinsdale Illinois continue to build newer and nicer places to live. Thirty percent of the village’s homes are recent rebuilds and the trend is growing. As a result of this teardown culture, many of the existing ant colonies in the demolished homes are moving and nesting in new ones. Aside from being unpleasant company, the ants cause structural problems to your woodwork. The need for ant control is Hinsdale is greater than ever. Pointe Pest Control offers professional and safe methods to remove ant nests from your home and prevent further infestations. Here are some potential ant invaders you will see in Hinsdale.

Ant Answers

Carpenter Ants: These large, black ants borrow through the wood of houses to build their nests. Armies can enter your house many ways including gaps in pipelines and hanging tree limbs that touch your home. Unlike termites, they do not eat the wood. One sign of carpenter ant activity are small wood shavings the ants leave behind called frass. If left unchecked, the ants will damage your wood to the point it needs to be replaced.

Argentine Ants: This ant commonly found in South America has spread across the world. Argentine ants can fit in 1 mm spaces because they are tiny. Argentine Ant colonies are typically outside and close to a food source. These are the ants typically found underneath rocks in your yard and under your down spouts.

Sugar Ants: Named for their liking of sweet foods, these little ants will gather around small crumbs or pet food that is left out. If you see a group of them during the day, it means that there is a colony close because sugar ants do most of their work at night.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

"FANTASTIC WORK!! I've had bugs for a long time now, especially ants, and none of the other pest control companies got rid of them. I tried doing it on my own, but that didn't help either, so I figured it was a lost cause. I decided to give it one more try with Pointe because a friend recommended them. MY ANTS ARE GONE!! Great service!! Highly recommended" -Satisfied Customer stars

Pointe Inspects, Detects, and Protects

Rather than doing this tedious, intensive work yourself allow Hinsdale ant control specialists to fix this problem. Pointe Pest Control technicians will identify and treat any ant activity in or around the home. This specific inspection limits the amount of product used on the house while resolving the existing ant problems. Technicians will give you helpful advice to prevent future ant issues. Pointe is your best choice because the service is tailored to you and the ecofriendly products used are the safest on the market. If you see an ant trail, trust the problem with us. Call today to schedule your initial service.

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