Glenview Spider Control

Spiders aren’t always bad in Glenview. They can hunt down and eliminate other annoying insects in your home like Mother Nature’s own form of pest control. However, too much of a good thing—like spiders—can turn horribly wrong. A spider infestation in your home is both disturbing and dangerous. You become paranoid before putting on your shoes, jumping in the shower, or climbing into bed because you never know where another eight-legged invader will turn up.

Glenview is host to two very deadly species of spider, and both can pose a serious problem when they infest your home. The first, the black widow, has a red hourglass shape on its back and hangs out in the dark corners around your house. Undisturbed woodpiles in the backyard or boxes in the attic make a perfect home for black widows. The other, the brown recluse, is tougher to distinguish from other common brown spiders that are harmless. It is famous for a violin shape on its face, if you can get close enough to look. Brown recluses prefer dark, concealed areas like underneath furniture or within rarely used clothing.

Professional Help

Spiders are unique among pests: they are predators and prefer solitary lives. Infestations are rare, but when they happen they can be a huge problem. Your best option for spider control is to call the experts in Glenview at Pointe Pest Control. We will send a certified technician to your home to identify and evaluate the infestation, then determine the ideal plan of attack. Our experience and knowledge will keep you and your family safe while we clear out the spiders from your home, and we will take measures to prevent future issues.

The Green Approach

We promise to use only products that are gentle on the environment and safe for you. While other pesticides harm Mother Nature as much as the unwanted pests, we focus our treatment to target only the spiders in and around your home. Our liquid products leave behind no harmful residue in the soil and water.
If your ready to say goodbye to the unwanted houseguests, it’s time to call Pointe Pest Control. We have green spider control in Glenview to solve your problems today and tomorrow.












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