Spider Infestation In Your Home

Spider Infestation In Your Home

From the Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino to the Bluff Spring Fen, Elgin, Illinois has plenty to keep you busy on your day off. Winner of the All-American City award in 2002, Elgin is proud of the growth it has attained. However, what you didn’t know is that spider populations can attain as much growth in a very short time. Most spider egg sacs contain anywhere from 500-1500 spiderlings waiting to hatch and spread out to lay their own egg sacs. Imagine that scene from Charlotte’s Web; only instead of flying away, they take up living in your floorboards. One single spider can easily produce an infestation if that sac hatches in your home. If all those spiders then lay more egg sacs, combating the thousands of spiders on your own is impossible.

Keep the problem outside

Spiders are incredibly useful outdoors because they control the insect population, especially pesky and annoying flies. Without spiders, the insect population would explode, with flies and mosquitoes becoming more numerous than we could count. Spiders definitely have their place in this world, but not inside, definitely—NOT inside. Since arachnophobia is one of the most common fears, we understand at Pointe Pest Control how much you do not want little 8-legged nightmares running around terrifying you around every corner. Everyone who has seen the movie Arachnophobia remembers the scariest scene from the shower…where the spider dangled precariously overhead, waiting to attack. We never enter the shower without a full-blown investigation because of that scene. Calling an experienced technician from Pointe Pest Control can help ease your fears. And make your daily shower a lot less scary.

We can give you peace of mind

Protecting your children and pets is your highest priority. While most house spiders are harmless, there are several varieties that are dangerous to humans, such as brown recluses and black widows. Regular pest control inspections can keep these spiders from nesting around your house and where your children play. Our experienced pest control technicians use the most advanced methods that are not only non-toxic and safe for your loved ones but also environmentally friendly. You will get complete peace of mind with Pointe Pest Control knowing that our methods are gentle but extremely effective. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today to get your home protected ASAP.

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