Chicagoland Wasp Control

In the past couple of years Chicagoland’s population has grown in numbers reaching 9.73 million people. The social life in the city and the surrounding suburbs is one of the reasons many people relocate to Chicagoland. Just like people, wasps can be very social creatures living in colonies amongst thousands of other wasps. It is important to know the behaviors of wasps, as they are capable of stinging a person multiple times if they feel threatened. Pointe Pest Control technicians are knowledgeable of everything you need to know if wasps are invading your area. Get connected with the Chicagoland Wasp Control experts to take care of an infestation.

Useful Information About Wasps

Wasps are characterized as either social (live with many) or solitary (live alone). There are predatory wasps that will kill other insects and animals as food for larvae. Parasitic wasps would rather lay their eggs inside of other living creatures as a food source for larvae. Nests of wasps can normally be found inside hollow trees, holes in the ground and even in the walls of your home. If there is a large number of wasps surrounding your home, it may be an indication that there is a nest nearby. Our professionals recommend that you do not try to kill a wasp near its nest or other wasps. Doing this will trigger other wasps to become aggressive and may attack you to defend themselves.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


“We have been using Pointe for about a year and are very happy with their service. They have taken care of several wasp nests, funnel spiders, spring-time ants in our kitchen, carpenter bees, and silverfish. Thanks to their regular visits, we rarely encounter a pest in our home and the problems on the outside of our home have decreased considerably. No more wasps building nests under our patio table or in our grill!” -Michelle stars  

Getting Rid of Wasps

Experienced Pointe Pest Control technicians guarantee complete removal of a wasp infestation living in or around your home. Although the sting of a wasp usually does not cause severe harm, our technicians recommend that you give us a call to safely remove them. If you experience nausea, extreme pain or swelling from a sting, seek medical help immediately.

Getting rid of these social creatures before an infestation will be your best bet. Call today to schedule your professional wasp service in the Chicagoland area.

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