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If you want a night of creepy, ghostly fun, you participate in the Historic Ghost Hunt Tours of Elgin, Illinois. Join your authentic ghost hunter as you search out paranormal activity in the haunted Bluff City Cemetery and other such eerie cemeteries in the city. With a genuine EMF ghost meter, traipse along watching for signs of the apparitional afterlife. Just as creepy as that hair-raising tickle on the back of your neck, is that tickle on your arm from a real life, devilish SPIDER! Finding a physical manifestation of your fears is enough to make you run screaming to the nearest telephone for the extermination geniuses at Point Pest Control.

Where they haunt

Spiders typically hide in dark areas. Some like moist, dank areas like your basement or crawl spaces while others prefer dry spots like air ducts, corners, and attics. And while it seems to those arachnophobics that spiders would like nothing more than to feed on human flesh, that is simply a myth. Spiders only bite when they feel threatened. Mostly, they feed on any insects they catch in their webs; but they are not above attacking and devouring other spiders that get in their way.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"Before signing up with Pointe Pest Control - we called around other well known exterminators... Pointe Pest Control seemed to offer the best cost wise. Since then, we have been very pleased with the service we have received!" -Lynda stars  

Danger of bites

Most house spiders do not pose a threat to humans, but if they bite, they can leave a nasty, sometimes itchy welt. There are several kinds of lethal spiders that can also infiltrate and infest your home such as black widows or brown recluses. These two spiders commonly hide in cracks, corners, seldom-used clothing, and inside furniture. It is very common for spiders to get trapped in a bathtub or shower because of their smooth surfaces. Remember that shower scene from the movie Arachnophobia? Yes, everyone remembers that scene and never took a shower EVER AGAIN without thoroughly checking the bathtub!

No more unease

Calling Pointe Pest Control, especially in the early spring before new spiders hatch is always a good idea. We can take care of baby arachnids, spot their egg sacks, remove their webs and exterminate your fears. Our chemicals are safe and non-toxic to humans, dispelling any worry of dangerous pesticides. We strive to provide environmentally safe eradication because we know that being green is important to you and our planet. So let spiders haunt your home no more and give our Elgin spider control experts a call today!

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