10 Crazy Bug Bites That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

10 Crazy Bug Bites That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

One of the first thoughts that might go through your head when you see a strange bug is; does it bite? The answer; if it has a mouth it can bite. With an estimated 10 quintillion insects alive on earth, chances are there are some strange bugs that are willing to sink their teeth into you. Here are 10 of the craziest bug bites brought to you by Pointe Pest Control. 10. The Mosquito: You might think what is so weird about a common mosquito bite? It might be small, yet mosquitoes have caused more human deaths than any war or animal. Mosquitoes are vectors for a variety of diseases. The next time you hear one buzzing around, be sure to smash it.


9. Fire Ants: Stand in their mound and they will swarm up your legs. One releases a pheromone and they all bite you… at the same time. You will be left with hundreds of bites, each one turns and angry red and fills with pus. Your legs will look like a nightmare.


8. Ticks: Ticks will bite you and stuff their head under your skin. Their body swells with blood. You will notice an angry red area on your skin and a bloated tick will be in the middle.


7. No-see-um: At least with mosquitos you have something to swat at. No-see-ums are so small that you might never see what is biting you. They love the tender skin of your hair line and soon you will be covered in little red welts.


6. Bed Bugs: Bites from bed bugs are small red and itchy. They come out at night when you are sleeping or resting and attack. In severe outbreaks, you could become dinner for thousands of hungry bed bugs.


5. Fleas: They bite you in high numbers; your ankles will be covered in small red welts that will form a red halo.


4. Puss Moth Caterpillar: A sting from this fuzzy little caterpillar will leave you hating Mother Nature. The puss caterpillar is the most toxic caterpillar in America. A sting from this critter will give you headaches, muscle spasms, breathing difficulties, and convulsions.


3. Bullet Ant: The bullet ant may be the most painful bite you can experience. People who have had the misfortune to run across and angry bullet ant have described the pain as if being shot by a gun. To make it worse, your agony will last for the next 12 hours.


2. Kissing bug: Ever wanted to kiss a bug? Well, the kissing bug wants to kiss you. It has a long needle-like mouth and loves your soft mouth. You will be left with a swollen lip. It might decide to bite other parts of your face as well. The biggest problem with kissing bugs is their potential to transmit the deadly Chagas disease.


1. Human Bot Fly: If you are feeling sick, stop here. The bot fly deposits its eggs on the back of a mosquito. If it lands on you, the eggs fall to your skin. Your body heat makes them hatch. The larvae burrow into your skin and develop. Bot fly bite will look red and angry, with the tail end of the bot fly sticking out.


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