Elgin Mosquito Control

In Elgin, Illinois is a beautiful nature preserve called the Bluff Spring Fen, or “The Fen” for short. It is 100 acres of beautiful and diverse wetlands, savannas, prairies, and woodlands with streams and springs flowing year round. This area is especially enjoyable for anyone wishing to enjoy the richness of nature’s beauty, with conveniently situated walking paths and hiking trails. With the abundance of water throughout The Fen, mosquitoes are sure to tag along so a bottle of handy bug spray is a necessity. However, if mosquitoes have also invaded your yard, no one wants to wear bug spray 24/7. That is where Pointe Pest Control comes in.

Where they breed

Mosquitoes nest in areas prolific in moisture. Mosquito infestations are not restricted to the woods, lakes, and streams, however. Infestations can occur in your own backyard, totally disrupting relaxation around your home, especially when they manage to sneak inside. They love pools of standing water such as drinking dishes for your pets, rain gutter runoff, or sprinkler puddles. Any kind of moisture is an invitation for mosquito populations.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"Before signing up with Pointe Pest Control - we called around other well known exterminators... Pointe Pest Control seemed to offer the best cost wise. Since then, we have been very pleased with the service we have received!" -Lynda stars  

Mosquito Dangers

The hard, red, itchy welts aren’t the only thing a mosquito can bring. Female mosquitoes collect blood to aid in egg production and while males do not have the capacity to bite, it seems they just live to annoy us. The females however, with their itchy bites, can also transmit dangerous illnesses. Some of them include yellow and dengue fever, West Nile virus, Malaria and several forms of encephalitis. These biting irritants are suddenly pictured in a new light when you realize they can permanently harm your health.

Invest in your well-being

Calling Point Pest Control to solve your mosquito infestation not only will bring you peace of mind, but will avert any potentially life threatening, mosquito borne illnesses. Our certified experts, serving the city of Elgin, will come in and discover their nests and breeding places, using environmentally safe chemicals to destroy their homes. Your days of itching and scratching can soon be over. Our goal is to provide effective pest control that is non-toxic yet won’t harm our beautiful planet. Call us today for a free consultation!

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