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Elgin, Illinois is a very musical city, home to the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, one of the largest symphonies in Illinois. Along with a youth symphony, a children’s chorus, and the Elgin Choral Union, the city of Elgin also entertains with outdoor music at the Wing Park Bandshell. For those who appreciate a good symphony of beautiful instruments blended together, the symphonic sound of hundreds of mouths chewing at night might not be as delightful. Turning on a kitchen light at night only to see a flash of scattering cockroaches is a horror indeed. Take control of your home and call Pointe Pest Control.

The dangers of infestation

Cockroaches are commonly found in densely populated cities as well as most areas in the Southern United States. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that as many as 78% to 98% of urban homes have cockroaches, with as many as 900 to 300,000 cockroaches per home! Cockroach infestations can have numerous negative consequences on people living among them. The allergens found in cockroach feces not only can cause allergic reactions but can trigger asthma symptoms, especially in children.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"Before signing up with Pointe Pest Control - we called around other well known exterminators... Pointe Pest Control seemed to offer the best cost wise. Since then, we have been very pleased with the service we have received!" -Lynda stars  

Spread of germs and bacteria

Cockroaches can be harmful to human health simply by the spread of dangerous pathogens, bacteria and parasites. E.coli and Salmonella are two of the most common strains along with 6 different kinds of parasitic worms and 7 other types of pathogens. This insect is nothing you want to take lightly. Because they can multiply quickly and run fast, they can spread germs extensively throughout your home. Keeping food tightly sealed is a good start, but just their presence on surface areas in your home is dangerous.

DIY something else

Painting a cabinet or constructing a bookshelf are great DIY projects, but when it comes to cockroaches, leave this to the experts. Getting rid of a cockroach infestation takes a professional. Our Elgin cockroach control technicians at Pointe Pest Control will be able to take care of this problem quickly by eliminating food sources, sealing off entrances to your home, and using the most advanced cockroach insecticide that is safe for your family and pets. Don’t live with cockroaches any longer, call us today!

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