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On the south side of Chicago is the McHenry Forest Preserve. This area is full of beautiful walking trails, parks and nature. However, with its wide array of trees and water it is also the perfect place for mosquitoes. These pests could be just as harmful as they are annoying. If you have a large amount of mosquitoes living amongst you, it is our recommendation that you get rid of them as soon as possible. Our Chicago mosquito control experts are trained to eliminate them wherever they may be.

Love for Water

Anywhere there is water whether it is a lake, water puddle in your driveway, or even your dogs water bowl – there’s probably going to be a mosquito. They love water in warm and damp areas and come out most often from dusk until dawn. However, if there is enough shade during the day, they will come out to play. Females are the only ones that can bite but one is enough to have you scratching for the next few days. While many mosquito bites will just leave you with common symptoms such as a headache, fever, and/ or body aches, others are much more severe. If a pest that has the West Nile Virus bites you, you could begin feeling eye pain, swollen lymph glands and/or more severe common symptoms. If you feel any of this lasting longer than a few hours, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


“We started using Pointe because we had wasps near our deck making it unusable. They located the wasp nests under the railings and took care of it promptly. We have not had a problem since then because we now have them spray every year.” -Joyce stars  

How to prevent the itch

If you want to head over to places such as Chicago’s Forest Preserve, there are a few things you can do to help prevent getting bitten. Always wear protective long sleeve clothing so that mosquitoes can’t feed on your blood. It also helps to get some kind of bug spray repellent that will give these pests a little more reason to leave you alone.

Our Chicago mosquito control experts may have these simple tips for you but they also know that if there are dozens of pests around, you need to get rid of them. We will eliminate any mosquitoes and eggs that are threatening you and your peace of mind. If you want the best service in Chicago give us a call today!

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