Buffalo Grove Wasp Control

Buffalo Grove is a hot spot for families in the Chicagoland area. In fact, Movoto.com rated Buffalo Grove number one in its “best suburbs for families”. The ranking considers factors like parks within walking distance from your home, surrounding school rankings, the crime rate, and the employment rate. Just as our family friendly ranking has multiple contributing factors, finding yourself on the stinging end of a wasp infestation is the culmination of bigger problems. One issue is that wasps are attracted to the eaves and peaks on your house; they love the moisture and protection up there. In a very short time, you will have a dangerous nest that needs professionals to remove it. Don’t let wasps take over your territory. Call Buffalo Grove’s wasp control specialists from Pointe Pest Control.
Buffalo Grove is home to many kinds of wasps, including yellow jackets, paper wasps, and bald-faced hornets. Wasps live in a hierarchal society. The queen wasp searches for a place to build the swarm nest and then create the beginning of the nest. Once the wasps have established a nest, there can be up to 700 worker wasps buzzing around your house.
Wasps can nest in obvious places like in your eaves, but they can also find their way into less visible parts of your home. Wasp nests are commonly found in attics or trees in your yard, some even nest in the ground. If they feel that you are threatening their home, they will attack you.

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Pointe Provides Wasp Removal and Prevention

If you are seeing increased wasp activity in or near your home, let your Pointe Pest Control technician investigate and eliminate the problem. We are your wasp control service in Buffalo Grove. Our experienced professional will look for possible nests around your home and safely remove any nest he finds. He will then treat cracks crevices and other problem areas to prevent wasps from nesting there. We use organic products that are safe on the environment.

Don’t have a wasp disaster at your house. Call Pointe and get it fixed today.

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