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Buffalo Grove, Illinois loves to have fun and that is evident by the exciting community events such as the Fine Arts Festival and Buffalo Grove Days. Something else that likes to party hard are pests and the party gets especially exciting if they can break into your house. Our homes are our sanctuaries and if suddenly that haven is compromised by a dirty, filthy pest population, that serenity we strive so hard to create, vanishes. Routine pest control inspections are the answer to keeping your home free of common household pests and maintaining its value. We inspect every area where pests most often hide and colonize. Infestations can go on for months, even years without a homeowner being aware of the damage being caused. Let us help you stay vigilant.

Damaging pests eat away at your home value

Pests can cause an unforetold amount of destruction to your home. For instance, a colony of termites can create a minimum of $3,000 worth of damage once the colony reaches maturity. That is money you want to keep in your pocket. Scheduling regular pest inspections can stop an infestation in its tracks, before it becomes a money sucking problem. Homeowners rarely are aware of an infestation until it is too late. The first signs of bugs or rodents usually means the pest invasion has been going on for a long time. You can prevent this. By hiring a trained pest control technician, you can protect your greatest investment from harm.

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What’s Your Pest Problem?


"Albert is an excellent employee, he is thorough, neat, respectful and caring. It is my pleasure to have him come into my home for pest control services. I consider him a friend. " -Vito stars  

Our solutions are guaranteed

Whether it’s rodents in your walls, bed bugs in your beds, or ants in your kitchen, we have the recipe for success. You can expect a thorough home inspection where we will seal all pest entrances, remove food sources and spread chemicals to deter or kill the infestation. Our chemicals are safe, non-toxic and green—totally harmless to your family and the environment. We know your family is your highest priority and protecting them is important to us too. We treat our customers as people and will do our best to help get your home feeling peaceful again.

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