Buffalo Grove Spider Control

We look forward to the Buffalo Grove Farmers Market every year. Each Sunday morning brings vendors, entertainers, and volunteers provide residents with fresh food and quality service. And we get to enjoy a relaxing afternoon out in the sun. In stark contrast to the light and joy of the market, there are an unwelcomed volunteers lurking in the corners and shadows of your home.
Regardless of the season, ambitious arachnids are setting up shop in your home. Spiders provide the service of catching bugs for you, however they put up ugly webs in exchange and will bite if they feel threatened. Not to mention they are creepy; arachnophobia is one of the most common fears today.
Maintain a spider free house. Contact the Buffalo Grove Spider Control specialists at Pointe Pest Control.

A Spider’s Life

Spiders live a solitary lifestyle. They rarely interact with other spiders other than mating or fighting. Spiders like dark, hidden places to make their home. Spiders like clutter and can be found under clothes, in corners, or behind boxes. The artificial light from houses greatly benefit them because many of their food sources are attracted to the light. The female spiders lay egg sacs throughout the year. When the eggs hatch, the spiders are spread out by the wind.
Other than the common house spiders, Buffalo Grove is home to some venomous spiders; the black widow and the brown recluse are common and their bites are painful.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Pointe Stops the Spiders

If you are getting overrun by webs and spiders, put the Buffalo Grove spider control specialists at Pointe to work. Our technicians are armed with a web pole that will remove all the webs on your home. The pole is coated with a dust that discourages spiders from coming back.

We will also remove the other insects that spiders prey on. Our technician not only gets rids of the webs for you, he offers ways to prevent further spider activity in your home. We use the safest products the industry has to offer that won’t harm your family or pets. We will get rid of your spider problem. Call and get on the spider route today!

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