Auroa Spider Control

As a homeowner in Aurora, you know that a spider now and then is bound to show up inside your home. All you need is a rolled newspaper to whack it or a cup to move it outside, and the problem is solved. However, when you’re suffering from an infestation in your home, you might run out of newspaper before you’ve solved the whole problem and it will be hard to keep them under control.

Our community is home to two of the deadliest spider species in the country: the black widow and brown recluse. You can identify a black widow with its black body and red hourglass mark; they like to hide out in dark, protected areas like in the junk pile out back. Brown recluses are harder to identify since they look so much like many other brown spiders that are less dangerous. Recluse spiders are famous for the violin shape on their face, and, like the black widow, they prefer dark hiding places.

Let Us Help You

When it comes to poisonous spider infestations, it is never a good idea to attempt pest management on your own. Bites from both the brown recluse and black widow can on rare occasions, be fatal, especially if you sustain more than one. That’s why you have Pointe Pest Control in Aurora. We provide powerful spider control that is safe for you and your home. After you call us, one of our experienced technicians will arrive at your home to create the best pest management plan for your circumstances. You can relax with us on the job; we’ll have the spiders out of your house in no time, and they won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Caring for the Environment

While many companies rely heavily on harsh chemicals to do the job, Pointe Pest Control uses only liquid, ecofriendly products to treat your pest infestation. We know that many pesticides can leave harmful residues in the soil and water around your home, so we stick to what’s safe for you and the environment. If you need green spider control in Aurora, we are ready and waiting to help.





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