Aurora Cockroach Control

People are flocking to Aurora, and who can blame them? We have great shopping, plenty of entertainment, and beautiful architecture. With more people come more homes—that’s great news for the cockroaches in our area. We enjoy comfortable temperatures and a sure source of food, and so do cockroaches. That’s where the common ground ends. Roaches hide away in concealed areas of your home just waiting for the lights to turn off. As nocturnal creatures, they do their scavenging and exploring at night while you sleep. If you wait to treat an infestation for long, you may come down for a midnight snack and find roaches instead.

Your Solution

The first step in the battle against cockroaches is a phone call. And not just to any cockroach control company in Aurora, but to Pointe Pest Control. We provide you with thorough pest control and expert advice. With all of the roach management products on the store shelves, you may wonder what the difference is in our professional help. While those sprays, baits, traps, and foggers can eliminate many of the adult roaches currently invading your home, they do nothing to prevent the eggs from hatching and replenishing the population.

You can’t find products or experience like ours on the shelves of the store around the corner. All of our technicians are trained to find the hidden nesting areas of cockroaches, and they can take care of the entire problem—not just the full-grown pests.

A Touch of Green

We promise powerful cockroach control in Aurora. We also promise to skip the hazardous chemicals that leave behind harmful residue in the environment. All of our products are effective against pests without threatening the soil, water, and air around your home. To find out how Pointe Pest Control can help you with our green products and dynamic strategies, give us a call. You’ll be much closer to getting rid of those roaches.