Auroa Ant Control

Ants in Aurora have a knack for finding a way into our homes despite our best efforts. They seek out warmth, shelter, and food as much as we do. While we rent, buy, or build our own homes, the ants just welcome themselves in whether we like it or not. There are six different types of ant in our community, each with a particular set of habits and behaviors. Species like pavement ants or honey ants can infest your entire pantry. On the other hand, carpenter ants may chew through your home’s infrastructure. Either way, you’re looking at an expensive problem if you procrastinate Aurora ant control.

No Time to Waste

If you have found ants trailing through your home, it’s time to call your ant control expert in Aurora: Pointe Pest Control. You can equip yourself with any number of over-the-counter sprays and traps, but those products won’t reach the mother of the problem; the queen. However, our certified technicians have the experience to handle an ant infestation of every size. We will eliminate your pests completely by taking care of the queen and the colony, not just the workers in your house.

Each species of ant lives differently, so it takes a knowledgeable technician to know how to handle your specific pest problem. You can rest assured that, with Pointe Pest Control, you are getting an expert technician on your side who understands all of the unique ants common to Aurora.

Environmentally Friendly Treatment

Many pest control companies depend on hazardous chemicals to take care of ants around your home. Products like those harm more than just the targeted ants. They can leave toxic residue in your home and the environment, threatening both you and Mother Nature. At Pointe Pest Control, we use only environmentally friendly ant control in Aurora. You can enjoy powerful ant control without worrying about any dangerous leftovers. Give us a call today for the best of both worlds.