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Glen Ellyn’s is an affluent town with beautiful neighborhoods, charming shops, and many places to recreate and enjoy nature. When your family is home from work and school, it’s nice to relax in your warm home in peace. But what if that comfort is disrupted? Seeing a mouse scurry across the floor as you read a book suddenly sends your leisurely evening out the window. Stress in high gear, running around trying to find the mouse and just praying that he doesn’t have friends is surely how anyone would react. Call us for a pest control inspection in Glen Ellyn and we will come over and find his family, trap and remove them. Leave the headache to us!

Pests = Damage = Repairs = Money

Finding pests in your kitchen is one of the grossest things to any homeowner. Suddenly you realize your food supply could be contaminated and those icky bugs could be in everything. And what’s worse, many of these invading bugs carry diseases and harmful bacteria. Cockroaches rank pretty high on the list of bugs you don’t want running around your kitchen. They can get into your home through many creative efforts—they just want your food. Once inside, they can multiply like wildfire, reproducing into a full blown infestation in no time. They cover an extensive amount of ground in short amounts of time and devouring every morsel in your kitchen is their prime objective. They can also be found in bathrooms and even will get behind wallpaper and bookbindings for some tasty glue.

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What’s Your Pest Problem?


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Fast infestation removals

The costly amount of repairs and loss from an infestation is emotionally draining. Once you have an infestation of cockroaches, termites, rodents or anything else, all you can think about is the nasty invader. You can avoid infestations like this altogether. By calling a professional technician for regular inspections, you can stop these vermin and insects before they cost you terrible amounts of money. However, if the infestation is bad, we won’t even flinch. Our skilled experts in Glen Ellyn will be on the job, ready with effective removal methods in a flash. Removing an infestation quickly is the only option and we are happy to oblige. Pointe Pest Control specializes in non-toxic, green chemicals so the safety of your family and our environment are not compromised in any way. 100% satisfaction is what you’ll get when you make an appointment today!

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