Glen Ellyn Ant Control

The Glen Ellyn Historical Society provides a variety of programs focused on preserving and celebrating the rich history of the city. There are about 28,000 residents living here and that number is continuing to climb. As more people move to this historic town, ants are finding more of a reason to move in as well. More people means more food for ants to hunt for as they come in through the tiniest cracks of your home. Pointe Pest Control’s ant control  in Glen Ellyn experts can let you know the best ways to keep these pests away and have all the tools to get rid of them as well.

Colony of Ants

Carpenter ants can cause severe structural damage to your home if you do not get them out right away. They chew through the wood and make holes in your walls, using it to help build their nests. These dark colored ants love to get into anything sweet and are on the hunt for crumbs you leave behind. If a colony of these ants grow, you may also start to smell a very unpleasant odor. Glen Ellyn is also home to sugar ants and as their name implies, they love sugar. These ants are most times crawling around in the nighttime hours. If you see them during the day it may be a sign that you already have a colony of them in your home. These pests could be living in your home appliances or in the small cracks around your home. Calling Pointe Pest Control would be your best bet in getting rid of them.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

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Best Service in Town

As the population grows in Glen Ellyn we try our best to keep the ant control problem under control. Our pest technicians will inspect infected areas and advise you on the next steps. We will also provide you with useful information on how to keep the ants out.

Our Glen Ellyn ant control experts can take care of any type of infestation and will do so in the safest way possible. We only use green products that are not harmful to the environment, people or your loving pets! If you want to enjoy an ant free house, call us today and we will take care of the rest for you!

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