Hoffman Estates Ant Control

Some of the best pizza in Hoffman is Jerseys Pizza & Grill. They serve up a delicious dish away from downtown Chicago. Many visitors come marching in to enjoy a slice of one of Hoffman’s favorite. People aren’t the only ones that are enjoying Hoffman’s favorite dishes around town. All those crumbs people leave around when they sit outside of restaurants are attracting ants. Ants are always on the hunt for food that people drop from crumbs to dog dishes. Our Hoffman Estates ant control experts do our best in eliminating these pests so that we can all enjoy our favorite places without ants bugging us.

Ants 101

Finding ants around your kitchen isn’t the only frustrating thing that you can find. Ants are also notorious for destroying the wood framing of your home, which could cost a lot to fix. They chew through dead and damp wood so that they could build nests for their colony and continue growing their population. If you find that ants are doing this in the comfort of your own home, you may even start to smell something very unpleasant. Some facts about ants are that a carpenter queen ant can produce thousands of ants in her 25-year life span. Queen ants are usually the ones that live the longest, and others live for about 6-12 weeks. The cold winters in Hoffman usually help ants to live a couple months longer than their regular life span as well.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

"Every time Fernando comes, he checks in with me to make sure that we had no problems since his last visit. When we did have some rodent issues, he explained to me where the the entry point was. Fernando insisted I call him if we suspected trouble. I am 72 with multiple sclerosis and wheelchair bound. It is so nice to have a pair of eyes watching what I cannot see. My thanks go out to you and the rest of management for enabling a culture of service in your employees.” -Joanne & David Sanders stars  

Service that gives you results

Our pest technicians are trained to quickly and effectively remove ants in the safest way possible. We only use green products that won’t harm the environment. We will inspect your home or business to find out exactly where the problem is coming from.

We will answer any of your pest questions and are able to get rid of any type of infestation. We are Hoffman Estates ant control experts and can give you advice on how you can keep them out when we get them out. Don’t delay, call us today so that you can go out and enjoy your favorite foods in Hoffman.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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