Wilmette Mosquito Control

While you’re out shopping for the warm summer months, you may want to pick up a few long sleeve items. During these months, mosquitoes are on the rise and getting bitten by them can become very unpleasant. Wilmette offers seven commercial districts including Village Center, Linden Square and Ridge Road District that offer a different shopping experience in each, for you to find that perfect style. Our trained Wilmette mosquito control experts have all the knowledge and tools you need to get rid of a mosquito infestation. We recommend getting rid of them if they are around your home just to ensure your safety.

What to know about Mosquitoes

During the warm summer months and with Wilmette’s lake nearby, mosquitoes are bound to come around. These pests love to hang out around stagnant water, which includes smaller ones such as flower vases or water puddles. And while the females are the only ones that can bite, one could be enough to have you feeling itchy for the rest of the day. One bite could cause you to catch a fever, headache and body aches. Our pest technicians want Wilmette residents and visitors to be aware that mosquitoes also carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus (WNV) or Malaria. If you start to feel swollen lymph glands, eye pain, or some of the milder symptoms lasting for some time, you should seek medical attention.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

"Sharon consistently provides the highest level of customer service. She is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient and truly makes us feel valued as customer. We were also impressed with branch manager Prince and service manager Angel, who both came to our home to offer their expertise. It's our pleasure to continue recommending Pointe Pest Control" -Cindy & David stars  

What you can do

Wilmette’s mosquito control experts at Pointe Pest Control have eliminated many infestations in the area and have all the knowledge to get rid of them no matter where they are. But in the meantime, we recommend wearing long sleeve clothing to protect your skin along with mosquito repellent.

We guarantee complete satisfaction when removing mosquitoes and if needed, we will eliminate any other pests you have in the area. We only use environmentally friendly products that will not cause any damage to you or your pet’s health. Giving us a call today will be your best bet to staying bite free!

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