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Lincoln, IL is rich in history and pride. The town was christened by Abraham Lincoln himself using watermelon juice that he obtained by a nearby wagon loaded with watermelons. It is also the only town named for our former president prior to his presidency. With such a rich history, it’s no surprise that the town proudly is home to three colleges: Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln College, and Heartland College. All this focus on education is something we at Pointe Pest Control not only applaud, but also implement within our own company. All of our technicians are educated, trained, and certified so that we can provide the absolute best service to your beautiful, historical town.

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At Pointe Pest Control, we don’t just stop current infestations, we want to work with you to help prevent them from ever happening in the first place. We provide pest control consulting services, which will teach you different tips, tricks, and methods for keeping your home and property a pest-free zone. Our technicians also conduct in depth inspections of your home in order to identify any potential problems early, as well as scoping out the source of any current infestations that you may have.

Our treatments are catered to you and your specific pest concerns. While some of our eco-friendly competitors spray your homes with a generic treatment and a “one size fits all” mentality, our trained and experienced technicians take care to assess your particular problem before combating it with a custom-made cocktail to treat your home or business correctly and safely. We encourage open communication with our customers as we are dedicated to listening to your unique pest problems so that we may fine tune our methods through the specialization of our services.

There is a reason why we have loyal customers. We provide proven solutions with guaranteed results so that you can live a pest-free life at affordable prices. Feel free to contact us for more information on the best pest control services in Lincoln, IL.

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Damage and Expense

Pests can cause extensive damage to homes. For instance, a single colony of termites can create a minimum of $3,000 worth of damage by the time the colony reaches maturity. Rats and mice can also chew through your walls, support beams, wires and, surprisingly, metal. There have even been cases where rodent interference with wiring has led to massive electrical fires that consume homes altogether. Scheduling regular pest inspections can stop an infestation in its tracks, before it becomes a financial disaster. 

Unfortunately, homeowners rarely are aware of an infestation until it is too late. The first signs of bugs or rodents usually means the pest invasion has been going on for a long time. Having one of our skilled technicians perform regular pest inspections can save you from a world of hurt and financial distress. An infestation of mice, bed bugs, or carpenter ants will deliver quite a hit to your bank account. By scheduling regular inspections with us at Pointe, you could save bucketloads of money in the long run.

A Year-Round Battle

While pest activity certainly appears to spike during the warmer months, year-round pest control is actually the key to securing your home and maintaining a truly pest-free environment. Frigid weather does not mean that pests have disappeared, rather, they have gone into hibernation and often times your home is the perfect location for them to wait out the winter. Once spring comes and eggs start to hatch, you could have a real problem on your hands. Some pests that are particularly keen on joining you in to hide from frightful weather include: 

As such, winter is actually one of the best times to get your home inspected and sprayed for insects and spiders. Call us today to get your home secure and protected from these pesky pests.

The Best Pest Control in Lincoln

If you are struggling with pests in your home or business establishment, or if you simply want to avoid the situation overall, call Pointe Pest right away! Our Lincoln pest control technicians are thorough and use the most effective pest control practices. We will not stop till the job is done.

We are committed to the safety of your family too. Our chemicals are non-toxic and environmentally safe so you won’t have to choose between the health of your family and living with vermin. Call us today for an in home evaluation and start living a worry-free, pest-free life! 

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Understanding the Seasons

Weather has a profound effect on pest life cycle. Most pests, rodents and insects breed aggressively during spring and go through periods of hibernation during autumn and winter.

When the weather slowly begins to heat up, pests start to get more active after having stayed dormant over the colder winter months.

  • Birds often start to find mates and start building their nests.
  • Moths which consumer leaves usually become active again.
  • Flies often emerge from their winter hibernation places and start to breed and spread out.
  • Squirrels also spend the winter in hibernation. When spring approaches these creatures start looking for a new home. This is usually the time when they make their way into lofts and other spaces.

Summer is arguably the best season for pests. It is the time when they are in full swing and breed as rapidly as they can. Wasps are one of the most common summer pests followed by flies and rodents. Many a summer picnics and BBQs have been ruined by the ‘home invasion’ of these pests.

  • Wasps build their nesting grounds and lay their eggs during this time. Although the creatures are not directly harmful, they can be very aggressive and territorial at this time of the year, because they’re at their strongest.
  • The number of fleas also multiplies. Since pets spend more time outdoors during summer, they are more likely to bring the pests back indoors with them.
  • Bees are also more active during summer as they go out to gather nectar. Many times, homeowners find a new beehive in their garden and require pest control to take care of it. Because of their sting, bees are more dangerous than some of the other pests and you should call our professional service to get rid of them.
  • Moths and flies usually start to multiply significantly during summer.
  • Ants begin to swarm to find new mates and start new colonies during summer.
  • Cockroaches become very noticeable in the summer, especially in the kitchen and toilets. This is due to the hotter temperatures and stronger smells.
  • Bedbugs are also very active in the summer.

Autumn is the month when things start to get cooler. The number of pests starts to dwindle as they begin to slow down their breeding activities.

  • Wasps start becoming dozy and docile. You may find them buzzing around occasionally as if they are drunk. This is usually the end-time for their life.
  • Spiders in particular are more active at this time of the year.
  • Squirrels will gather their food and start to look for shelter.
  • The second breeding phase for flies begins. These pests remain active during the season.
  • Rodents also become more active. Due to the approaching cold, rodents usually find shelter inside homes in the loft or inside walls.

The coldest months are when pests seek out warmth and shelter. You will find a number of insects especially rodents and lizards make their way inside your home.

  • Spiders come into our homes to escape the web-destroying frosts.
  • Rodents move indoors to escape the cold, increasing infestations.
  • In many cases, homeowners find squirrels nesting in lofts when they go to get their Christmas decorations.

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