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The City of Lexington is a quaint, beautiful, small town but has the same amenities of big cities. The school district rates high academically, the parks and recreation directors offer a slew of fantastic activities, and your local police and fire station are always right there to keep you safe. One thing they can’t rescue you from however, are little pests. That’s where we come in. Call us at Pointe Pest Control today to protect you and your home from pests.

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Pests in Lexington Illinois

Just 15 minutes outside of Bloomington lies the proud town of Lexington, IL. Officially founded in 1855, the central Illinois town lies within a beautiful stretch of greenery and farmland. Due to this, Lexington is prone to a lot of different year-round pests.

Ants are exceedingly common throughout the Spring and Summer, invading houses and raiding pantries. While the ants lay siege to your home, mosquitos often lay in wait in your backyard, ready to bite you the moment you try to enjoy a warm afternoon BBQ. Ticks are also on the prowl in particularly wooded backyards and yards with lots of foliage, and all types of wasps, hornets, and bees begin buzzing with activity as well.

In the Autumn months, some insect activity lessens, but others stay consistently annoying. Boxelder bugs, little black and red bugs with large antennas, tend to find their ways into homes along with stink bugs, beetles, lady beetles, western conifer seed bugs, and spiders.

It is often assumed that the Winter months mean a disappearance of pests. While this is somewhat true as many species will engage in diapause – the insect version of hibernation – or hunker down in hiding for the Winter, it certainly doesn’t mean that your house isn’t still at risk. Pest control is a battle that needs to be fought in every season, and a good treatment in the winter will drastically improve our ability to more quickly control the pests that emerge in the spring. No matter what season you have pesky invaders, Pointe Pest Control has got your back!

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Pest Prevention

Prevention is key when it comes to pest control. There is a slew of conditions that can make you and your home particularly vulnerable to invasive pests. If you have any cracks or crevices around your windows or foundation, in your walls, or on your roof, you are at serious risk of various types of infestations. Any clutter, garbage, water or food that is left out can also attract pests directly to your home. Some steps you can take to avoid and solve these conducive conditions include:

  • Sealing cracks or crevices that provide pests access into your home
  • Removing clutter & garbage from around your yard as this provides pests with places to hide and food to forage
  • Removal of standing water (this is particularly crucial for avoiding mosquitos)
  • Properly dispose of uneaten food
  • Maintain a fairly tidy and clean home
  • Dehumidifying the house (most pests need lots of moisture to survive and this will often draw them to your home)
  • Trimming any trees and bushes that touch your home

We handle all types of pest problems and infestations in Lexington and, as the largest family-owned pest control company in the nation, we strive to help our clients with both residential and commercial pest control services at affordable rates. Our technicians will work tirelessly to provide your home with targeted protective treatments so that your home can be a fortress against pests. 

Environmentally Safe Treatments

Safe, effective and eco-friendly – these are the cornerstones of our services at Point Pest Control. We believe in utilizing both the safest products and techniques to secure your home from pests. Our integrated pest control solutions are effective and environmentally concious for your home so you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by toxic chemicals. We take pride in our use of Integrated Pest Management, EcoSMART technologies, and EPA-approved products that are safe for both you and the environment, yet effectively handle all types of pest problems and infestations.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control technique that involves various different methods of eco-friendly, conscious and targeted pest treatments. When implemented correctly, IPM drastically reduces and can even completely eliminate the use of pesticides as well as minimizing the amount of products that need to be used overall by 90%. At Pointe Pest Control, we strive to cater to your exact needs, treating each situation according to its unique circumstances. While some of our eco-friendly competitors spray your homes with a generic treatment and a “one size fits all” mentality, our trained and experienced technicians take care to assess your particular problem before combating it with a custom-made cocktail to treat your home or business correctly and safely.

Pointe’s Pest Protection

At Pointe Pest Control, we are committed to deal with all kinds of pest infestations, and work around the clock to guarantee bug removal and pest extermination services. We have great years of experience and are familiar with all of the common Lexington, IL pests, which allows us to implement the most effective ways to deal with them. Whether you have pests in your restaurant, office space, apartment complex, hotel lobby, or in your home, we can guarantee outstanding results for everyone. 

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Understanding the Seasons

Weather has a profound effect on pest life cycle. Most pests, rodents and insects breed aggressively during spring and go through periods of hibernation during autumn and winter.

When the weather slowly begins to heat up, pests start to get more active after having stayed dormant over the colder winter months.

  • Birds often start to find mates and start building their nests.
  • Moths which consumer leaves usually become active again.
  • Flies often emerge from their winter hibernation places and start to breed and spread out.
  • Squirrels also spend the winter in hibernation. When spring approaches these creatures start looking for a new home. This is usually the time when they make their way into lofts and other spaces.

Summer is arguably the best season for pests. It is the time when they are in full swing and breed as rapidly as they can. Wasps are one of the most common summer pests followed by flies and rodents. Many a summer picnics and BBQs have been ruined by the ‘home invasion’ of these pests.

  • Wasps build their nesting grounds and lay their eggs during this time. Although the creatures are not directly harmful, they can be very aggressive and territorial at this time of the year, because they’re at their strongest.
  • The number of fleas also multiplies. Since pets spend more time outdoors during summer, they are more likely to bring the pests back indoors with them.
  • Bees are also more active during summer as they go out to gather nectar. Many times, homeowners find a new beehive in their garden and require pest control to take care of it. Because of their sting, bees are more dangerous than some of the other pests and you should call our professional service to get rid of them.
  • Moths and flies usually start to multiply significantly during summer.
  • Ants begin to swarm to find new mates and start new colonies during summer.
  • Cockroaches become very noticeable in the summer, especially in the kitchen and toilets. This is due to the hotter temperatures and stronger smells.
  • Bedbugs are also very active in the summer.

Autumn is the month when things start to get cooler. The number of pests starts to dwindle as they begin to slow down their breeding activities.

  • Wasps start becoming dozy and docile. You may find them buzzing around occasionally as if they are drunk. This is usually the end-time for their life.
  • Spiders in particular are more active at this time of the year.
  • Squirrels will gather their food and start to look for shelter.
  • The second breeding phase for flies begins. These pests remain active during the season.
  • Rodents also become more active. Due to the approaching cold, rodents usually find shelter inside homes in the loft or inside walls.

The coldest months are when pests seek out warmth and shelter. You will find a number of insects especially rodents and lizards make their way inside your home.

  • Spiders come into our homes to escape the web-destroying frosts.
  • Rodents move indoors to escape the cold, increasing infestations.
  • In many cases, homeowners find squirrels nesting in lofts when they go to get their Christmas decorations.

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