Hey Mom, What’s for Dinner?

Hey Mom, What’s for Dinner?

You get home from work and the first question your kids ask when they see is; what’s for dinner? You are tired, it was a long day, yet you’ve got to provide them with something. Now it’s time for you to call in a pizza or start defrosting some chicken. If you were living in the world of insects, the question of what’s for dinner becomes a thing from your nightmares.

Hey Mom, are you for Dinner?

amaurobius-ferox-1 Photo Credit: http://www.spiders.us/
Meet a spider that goes by the name of Amaurobius ferox. After the mom lays her batch of eggs, she waits until they hatch. When the newest batch of tiny spiders emerge from their egg sac, their mother then lays a second batch of eggs, which becomes food for hatchlings. Dinner and siblicide anyone? If that made your stomach sour, that isn’t the whole story. Once the young spiders have eaten their unhatched siblings, the mom then lets her children eat her. She makes the ultimate sacrifice so her kids can grow up to be big and strong. You may never think of dinner the same way again.

An Acute Case of Sibling Rivalry

If you have ever heard the term; survival of the fittest, the next strange eating occurrence should not surprise you very much. When praying mantises hatch, they are hungry. Their hunger drives them to begin eating their brothers and sisters. This ensures that only the strongest praying mantises survive the hatchery from hell. The remaining mantises then leave after they have gotten a fill of their family.

Did You Need Another Reason to Hate Rats?

Fancy Rat feeding its babies
If you have ever seen a rat, you know how nasty these creatures can be. Rats spread bacteria and viruses, many of which are deadly to you and your family. If that wasn’t reason enough to dislike rats, there is another. Sometimes mother rats will eat their babies. This happens if the mother rat becomes malnourished or stressed. If there are any infant rats that have development issues, she will eat them as well.

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