Burr Ridge Ant Control

Something for everyone’s musical taste is Burr Ridge’s Concerts on the Green. Residents and visitors bring out their lawn chairs, blankets and snacks to enjoy a night out with neighbors and friends. And while it may be a great outdoor activity, you may run into a few pesky creatures. Ants are the most common pests reported here at Pointe Pest Control. That is why we have specialized treatments for every different type of ant whether they are in homes or businesses. Letting an ant control problem in Burr Ridge get out of hand can lead to an infestation. If you want them away from you and your home give us a call so that we can evict these unwanted trespassers.

Growing Colonies

The main objective of ants is to find food sources so they can keep growing their community. Your house may be the perfect place for ants to start looking. If you have cupboards filled with food, or crumbs on the floor, from your children or dog food, you may run across some ants in the kitchen. If you want to get rid of them you need to know some facts. A queen who lays all the eggs, heads each colony. The females will take care of the eggs by keeping it warm and protected. The male’s will mate with the queen and eventually die. This process is what keeps colonies growing and strong. If you let it get out of hand, you may have a nest of millions of ants in the wood structure of your home.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

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Experts at your service

Our trained technicians are the best for ant control in Burr Ridge. We know that picking up bug spray from a local store will not get the job done. We are experts on what it takes to eliminate ants. We will get rid of the entire colony, including the eggs.

Our main goal as ant control experts in Burr Ridge is to evict these unwanted trespassers safely. We care about your health and the environment. All of our products are 100% eco-friendly and won’t leave a residue behind. If you want to rest easy so you can enjoy some music out with your neighbors, give us a call today!

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