Autumn Bugs to Watch For

Autumn Bugs to Watch For

When fall arrives, you get to look forward to cooler temperatures and the changing leaves transform the look and feel of Hinsdale. Unfortunately, there are plenty of insects out there that want to share your home. They know winter is coming and what better place to spend the cold weather months that inside your home with you? Here are a few of the bugs want to free reign of your home.

House Crickets

Unlike field crickets that are inky black, these are tan. House crickets do well if they can find moisture. House crickets can, and will, reproduce and spread inside of your home. Imagine hearing their chirping all night while you try to sleep. House crickets are not good house guests.

Box Elder Bugs

In early fall, you might see them congregate in large numbers on the southern facing side of your home. You might be surprised to see hundreds of black bugs with red markings loitering on your home. When temperatures begin to drop even more, box elder bugs begin looking for ways into your home. Their flat profile allows them to fit into small cracks and spaces.


Their back pincers might look menacing, but they rarely if ever, break the skin. You will find more earwigs in your home in the fall because they hide in produce. Earwigs love corn, fruit and vegetables. Once inside they will also eat meat and garbage. Earwigs like to hide in cracks during the day. The space under you doors is a common place for them to hide and when you open your door, the earwigs rush in.


With all of the insects making a push to get inside, you can guess what follows. Spiders are predators. If they can find prey, they will stay. In Hinsdale we have a lot of different spiders that would love to hang out in your home.

Pointe Pest Control

When you want real results you call Pointe Pest Control. When you are tired of seeing insects and arachnids inside your home, you call Pointe Pest Control. We understand bugs and we know how to get them out of your home. We can do foundation treatments that will stop most invaders before they even get close to the interior of you home. Our technicians have years of experience and they are certified pest eradication experts. When you are looking for pest control in Hinsdale, we are your solution. We can create a treatment approach that will meet your needs and stop the autumn bugs from ruining your fall. For the best in Hinsdale pest control, call Pointe Pest Control.

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