The Biggest Predator in Your Home? Dust Mites

The Biggest Predator in Your Home? Dust Mites

Do you ever feel like you’ve barely cleaned your home and already there is a layer of dust on everything? Science tells us that the average home collects 40 pounds of dust every year. And dust isn’t just small particles of dirt. It’s also filled with microscopic bugs that rapidly multiply and can make you sick—dust mites.

According to a recent study conducted by George Washington University, there are also more than 45 toxic chemicals floating around in your dust, and these toxins are linked to respiratory, behavioral, and neuro-developmental problems.

Here are some of the most common spots that dust mites like to lurk in your home and tips on how to get rid of them:

Air Vents

We don’t think about them often, but chances are your air vents are harboring a large build-up of dust. It’s not an area that gets cleaned very frequently, and it’s the perfect place for dust to gather. It’s also a frightening place, as the dust in our vents then gets circulated throughout our homes into the air we breathe each day. An easy fix is to get a stepladder, and each time you do a routine cleaning, vacuum out your air vents as well. This will help keep the air fresh in your home.

Mattresses and Pillows

Dust mites just love to live in the places we sleep. We also give them a lot to feast on, as dust mites like to eat our dead skin that collects in these places. The best solution? Purchase allergen barrier covers and use them on all pillows and mattresses underneath your sheets. Also make sure to routinely wash all bedding in hot water, and it’s recommended you replace your mattress every seven years.


Sadly, our children’s toys frequently harbor lots of dust mites, especially plush dolls and animals. An easy fix is to put each toy in the freezer for 24 hours, which will kill all dust mites. You can also wash any stuffed animals in the hot cycle.

Air purifiers are available in lots of different sizes and are recommended for removing dust and allergens floating in your air. If anyone in your home has asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory problems, an air purifier can make a big difference.

For the best defense against dust mites and all other unwanted home invaders, team up with Pointe Pest Control. Our professional technicians are highly skilled at defending your home and keeping it safe from any and all unwanted creatures.

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