Keep it or Kill it: Get Rid of Deadly Killers

Keep it or Kill it: Get Rid of Deadly Killers

When you’re shopping for insecticides for your garden this summer, it’s important to know which insects to kill. That deadly killer in your hands could very likely take out every bug in your garden. In the back of your mind, you might be thinking, “Well what’s so bad about that?” By killing every little creature in your garden, you could do your precious flowers and produce a great deal of harm. Many of those insects could be daily defenders of your plants that you desperately want to keep in there. Killing the harmful insects as well as the beneficial ones, you just might ruin your plants when more menacing insects come along. Having few if any beneficial bugs in your garden will mean the end of all you have worked for since spring started. So to help you along, here are a few more bugs in our “Keep it or Kill it” series to assist in your garden projects.

Mealybug: Keep it or Kill it?

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Fuzzy, white and almost fluffy looking, you wouldn’t think that these cottony insects could do so much damage. Going through five developmental stages till reaching maturity, these insects terrorize your garden at every step. Their favorite part of your garden is the delicious plant sap, the lifeblood of your flowers. Bringing new plants home from the nursery is a common way they are transplanted into your garden so always inspect your plants! Answer: Kill it: Mealybug

Mealybug destroyer: Keep it or Kill it?

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These black beetles with brown or reddish heads feed on the aforementioned, damaging mealybug in all of its stages. Feasting on mealybug larvae or adults, this destroyer enjoys them all. They also eat aphids, which makes these insects a perfect addition to your garden. Farmers often dust their crops with these helpful insects for a pesticide-free approach. Answer: Keep it: Mealybug destroyer

Squash bugs: Keep it or Kill it?

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This bug needs little introduction. Most hobby farmers know this pest well and actively try and keep it away. As you guessed from its name, squash and melon plants are its diet of choice. They are incredibly dangerous to a squash crop as they can completely wipe out an entire plant within a few days or less. Insecticides may help but hunting them at night with a flashlight and bucket is a good idea too, since they are commonly feasting when it’s dark. Answer: Kill it: Squash bugs

Spined Soldier Bugs: Keep it or Kill it?

bedbug-119256154 This good bug is a member of the stink bug family, ½ inch long and has telltale “spines” along its back. These insects are worth their weight and more in your garden. Their diet consists of grubs, hornworms, armyworms, cabbage worms and many more ill intentioned bugs, worms and insects. Keeping them around is vital if you have a problem with any of these pests. Their typical hunting ground is in your vegetable garden so be aware of them scouting out their favorite meal there. Answer: Keep it: Spined soldier bugs Staying vigilant for dangerous bugs is key to keeping a healthy and beautiful garden. At Pointe Pest Control we are happy to help you with this task. Our technicians are not only experienced with common household pests, but also ones that infest and destroy plants outside your home. Our treatments are safe for your family and the plants, yet tough on bad bugs. We specialize the treatments to specific insects so as to keep the beneficial ones thriving and defending your garden. Call the pest control experts today and keep your flowers, fruit and vegetable plants happy!

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