Aurora’s Solution to Bed Bug Eradication

Aurora’s Solution to Bed Bug Eradication

For a great evening at a Broadway show, you don’t have to go any further than the Paramount Theater in Aurora. When you have bed bugs infesting your home or bedroom and need them removed, you don’t have to go any further than Pointe Pest Control. We are Aurora’s local solution to bed bug eradication.

The Bed Bug Problem

Bed bug numbers are on the rise. You can find them in hotels, motels, army barracks, movie theaters, waiting rooms, offices, restaurants, and even public transportation. The problem arises when you visit an area infested with bed bugs. They are determined hitchhikers. Bed bugs will find their way into your luggage, laptop cases, purses, or hitch a ride on your clothing. When you arrive home, the bed bugs are ready to invade. They find hidden places close to where you relax or sleep. Bed bugs are better at hiding than you are at finding them. They can fit their tiny bodies into electric plugs, behind picture frames, and in the joints of your nightstand. Bed bugs feed exclusively on your blood. They come out at night when you are deeply asleep and fill up, on you.

Aurora Bed Bug Control

If you are tired of waking up covered in lines of irritating bite marks, it is time to call in the professionals. Because bed bugs are difficult to eradicate, biologists recommend using professional eradication services. That is where we come in. Pointe Pest Control has a variety of effective solutions that will eliminate bed bugs without the threat of harmful pesticide residues. We are environmentally conscious. Our technicians are dedicated to your comfort and safety. We will eliminate the pests and our methods will be safe for you, your family and the environment. Our technicians have years of specialized experience. When you want effective bed bug elimination, you need Pointe Pest Control. Fight back against biting bed bugs, give us a call today.

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