Top 5: Bugs You Want in Your Garden

Top 5: Bugs You Want in Your Garden

If you have a green thumb and love to grow your own vegetables, you are not alone in your garden. While weeding or watering, you might feel like you are the only one working to make your garden perfect. That sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. All around you are tiny workers helping to fight pesky bugs. These top 5 good garden bugs are brought to you by your friends at Pointe Pest Control.

1. The Green Lacewing


With its pale wings and small body, the adult might not look like much. Don’t worry the juvenile makes up for it. Green Lacewing larvae have been nicknamed “aphid wolves”. This larva stumbles around devouring hundreds of aphids and killing caterpillars where ever it goes. A single larva can kill and eat over 600 aphids in its lifetime.

2. The Lady Bug


Don’t say ladybug to an entomologist. Ladybugs are beetles and their preferred name is the ladybird beetle. No matter what you call them, if you find them in your garden you have a new spotted best friend. Lady bird beetles are aphid eating machines. From larva to adult, each stage of the ladybird beetle consumes aphids. In its life time, your spotted friend can eat up to 5,000 aphids.

3. The Minute Pirate Bug

minutepiratebug Photo Credit:

These tiny insects might not carry a hook and have a peg leg, yet they are fierce attackers. If your garden has a problem with whiteflies, the pirate bug is ready for a fight. Pirate bugs have a long needlelike mouth, which they use to puncture their enemies and drink out their fluids.

4. The Praying Mantis


All the critters before attack smaller threats, when you need grasshoppers or large caterpillar removed, Praying mantids are the way to go. They can turn their heads a full 180 degrees. Mantids get large enough to tackle anything that might be causing harm to your garden.

5. The Jumping Spider


You might hate the word spider, but when it comes to pest control, it is hard to outpace the jumping spider. They stalk prey throughout your garden and can take down insects several times their own size. Bugs in your garden is one thing, when you have pests infiltrating your home you don’t have to wait. One call to Pointe Pest Control and we will take care of any infestation.

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