Keep It OR Kill It

Keep It OR Kill It

When you are trying to keep your garden healthy, there are many factors to consider. Some of these are the health of your soil, how much water your plants are getting, and last, the kind of bugs that live in your garden. Your gardening gloves allow a barrier of protection from these creatures that may be harmful or gentle, to your plants and yourself. Knowing which is which is a toughie though. Will that freaky looking insect fight off harmful offenders or will it eat all your precious plants? Let Pointe Pest Control help you find out the good vs. bad bugs in your peaceful garden space.

Aphids: Keep it or Kill it?


These tiny bugs are disaster in flower beds. Not only do they drink the sap in flowers, leaves and buds, they spread disease from plant to plant. These insects are often invisible to the naked eye so looking for signs of aphid damage is key. Usually leaves will look brown, curled at the ends, misshapen, or yellow. If the leaves are covered with a sticky substance, that’s another clue. That sticky fluid is aphid droppings and it’s a dead giveaway that they’re invanding your garden. They can do some serious damage to your plants so getting rid of them quickly is essential.

Answer: Kill It

Damsel bugs:Keep it or Kill it?

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Damsel bugs are also known as assassin bugs and for a very good reason. Their favorite meal happens to be the aforementioned evil aphid. These insects are fantastic for farmers because they feed on harmful crop pests. They are commonly found in home gardens so when you see these skinny, brownish bugs, keep them around!

Answer: Keep it

Spider mites: Keep it or Kill it?

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Spider mites commonly infest gardens and flower beds. As they infest, they cause a dull, colorless, bronze colored tinge to come upon the leaves. Since these mites are so tiny, the look of the leaves is usually the first indication that spider mites are around. These 8-legged mites suck the life, literally, right out of the veins of the plants, drinking vigorously upon the plant’s sap. A gentle insecticide is needed immediately.

Answer: Kill It

Lacewings: Keep it or Kill it?


These delicate bugs you know as green lacewings aren’t exactly the beneficial part of the garden. It’s their larvae, often referred as an “aphid lion,” that feed on the harmful bugs you fear will devour your beautiful flowers. These wormlike “lions” ferociously grab their prey, attacking them in a very animal-like manner. Don’t mess with these guys!

Answer: Keep It

All the time you spend in your garden is valuable. Letting one pesky insect take it all away is just not right. Keep the good guys around and let us help you! Our technicians are experienced with garden pests and can answer all your questions. We use gentle treatments that will keep around the beneficial bugs and help you remove the bad ones. Being environmentally friendly and safe for your family is important to us and we are committed to guaranteed pest control. Call us today and let us keep your garden beautiful!

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