What Pest Am I? Part Three

What Pest Am I? Part Three

Identifying all the bugs in your garden can be a fun game. What better way to “win” at this game than to be able to decipher these bugs close up. Seeing them from a distance, we often miss distinguishing characteristics about these insects. When you’re able to recognize them, you will be able to tell whether they are harmful or beneficial to your garden. And if you see a LOT of these particular insects, you will know if you need to call your professional Pointe Pest Control specialist for help to combat the infestation. Here for you again is another round of What Bug Am I! Can you get them all right?

Mystery insect #1:

I am gigantic! Most likely you’ve never seen me in your backyard because I am native to Malaysia. But once you’ve seen my picture, I bet you’ll never forget me. I grow to an impressive 6 inches with a wingspan of 10 inches. Do I have your attention yet? I definitely get noticed! I am however, harmless to humans and quite friendly. I am green and blend well in trees and bushes. Can you guess what I am? 11Malaysian katydid

Mystery insect #2:

I am nocturnal, meaning I only come out at night. I love the light and fly towards it with wild abandon. Sometimes I’m kind of stupid and fly directly into fires accidentally. My wings are coated with a “dusty” covering. Mostly I’m gray or brown colored but certain types within my species can be beautifully colored. What am I? 13Moth

Mystery insect #3:

I scurry around in search of food and crumbs constantly. My main focus is to bring this food back to my colony. You may see me in your house and get pretty frustrated with me because I will stop at nothing to get into your pantry. I just can’t help myself. Your food is delicious to me and I’m often depicted in stories crashing all your picnics. Have you figured out what I am yet? 12small polish ant

Mystery insect #4:

I am one of nature’s marvels, blending into trees and shrubs with absolute perfection. How can I achieve that? Well I look exactly like pieces of these trees and most people can’t notice me until they’re very close. This is my primary defense mechanism against predators. Camouflaging keeps me safe. What am I? 10Walking stick When you’re exploring nature or planting your garden, recognizing insects all around you is not only fun but it can keep you safe. When you have an infestation, our experienced technicians will give you the answers you need when it comes to the pests that have moved their home into your home. Keeping your home pest free is our goal so give us a call today and we promise 100% satisfaction. Get help identifying any pest or pest infestation with our new FREE pest tool. Click HERE

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Answers: Malaysian katydid Moth small polish ant walking stick

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