Top 5: Rattiest Cities in the World

Top 5: Rattiest Cities in the World

Rats love people. Your perfect home provides the perfect place for a rat. Inside they can find food, water and shelter. Everything that makes you house an amazing place to live are the very reasons that rats want to become your roommates. Here are some of the rattiest cities throughout the world brought to you by your friends at Pointe Pest Control.

5. Deshnoke, India:

If you hate rats, do not visit the Karni Mata Temple. You will find thousands scurrying around the temple floor, yet no one will lift a finger to stop them, because here they are worshiped.


4. Paris, France:

Rats carry a lot of harmful diseases. Many will make you sick, while others are life threatening. No one knows this better than Parisians. During the Bubonic Plague outbreak of the fourteenth century, half of the people living in Paris died. Fast forward to today and you might not have as much human to rat interaction like in the dark ages, yet there are still a lot of rats lurking around Paris.


3. London, England:

If your home has a space the size of a quarter, a rat can squeeze its body through. If you don’t take steps to patch up the hole, you will soon be sharing your dinner with a rat. Now imagine all of the old sewers running beneath the streets of London. Some exterminators have estimated that there are 7.5 million rats that call London their home.


2. Los Angeles, USA:

Unfortunately, in big cities there is always a problem with garbage. You get a few people that litter and that feeds the problem. The more litter and garbage the worse the problem becomes. In order to control rats around your own home, seal up garbage containers and don’t litter.

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1. Chicago, USA:

Rat infestations hit home. That’s right, one of the worst places in the world for rat populations is right here in Illinois. If you have a rat problem, you do not need to worry, because there is a local solution. Pointe Pest Control is your answer to any rat infestation. We are serious about rodent control. Call us today.

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