Top 4 Spring Pests in Gold Coast

Top 4 Spring Pests in Gold Coast

The weather in Gold Coast has steadily gone from “coat-and-gloves” to “jacket,” and that means spring is almost here! Soon we’ll see flowers emerging, blossoms appearing, and spring insects crawling out of hibernation to reproduce and infest any area that seems comfortable. Ideally that area’s not your home, but just so you’re prepared, here are the top four pests to watch for in Gold Coast this springtime:

1. Ants

Ants love the spring – it’s when they build their homes, reproduce in swarms, and go looking for comfortable shelter where they can stay warm at night and have access to plenty of food. They’ll enter your home through small cracks and holes, leaving a trail of scent that attracts others. Not only should you seal up all your food containers, but watch out for dangerous ants like fire ants, and those that cause structural damage, like carpenter ants.

2. Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs start waking up when the sun is shining approximately 12 hours a day. Often they’ll overwinter right next to your home – under door stoops, behind window shutters, in your yard, or in your attic – then emerge in droves when the time is right. While these little critters don’t spread disease, they can cause damage to your trees, emit an unpleasant odor when stepped on, and become a general annoyance if they remain near your home.

3. Roaches

Outdoor cockroaches go into winter hibernation and awake in the spring, at which time their instinct is to immediately find a damp, dark place to escape spring’s warm sunlight. Here’s another reason spring-cleaning is so important! The less cluttered your home, the fewer dark hiding places for roaches. Also take note of any potentially damp areas in your basement that could become the new favorite living space of these nasty, nocturnal nuisances.

4. Flies

You may have already seen a few flies this year, and that’s because these are among the first insects to emerge from winter hibernation, sometimes buzzing around as early as mid-March. Flies often overwinter in spaces inside your walls and attics. When they wake up, the females lay their eggs in the soil around your home, and the larvae attack the earthworms that are so vital to the growth of plant life in your yard. A good prevention measure is to seal up any potential openings to prevent entry in the first place. Spring is a time for you to emerge from your own hibernation; to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather without worrying about which spring pest is infesting your home. Let Pointe Pest Control take care of that. Call us today for a consultation.

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