World’s Cutest Bugs 

World’s Cutest Bugs

Most of our blogs center around the icky and disgusting bugs that inhabit and take over your homes and yards. The mere thought of these pests in large numbers sends shivers up and down your spine. You would probably never imagine that some bugs on this planet could be synonymous with the word “cute.” But just you wait! Here are some bugs that will make you want to cuddle them up and love them forever.

Puppy-faced Saddleback Caterpillar

Just hearing the name of this caterpillar, you can only imagine the cuteness. Amazingly, this bug actually does bear resemblance to a puppy with a brightly colored sweater on its back and a Chinese parade dragon. It is the larvae to the saddleback caterpillar moth, which in contrast, is quite ugly.

Baeus or Cartoon Bug

The baeus beetle is about the cutest thing you’ll ever see, mostly because it looks like a cartoonist created it and placed the real life version in front of you. With its oversize eyes and round body, this tiny insect gives no reason to be squeamish.


When you see a cuddly, fluffy bumblebee fly towards you, your inclination to run away screaming is not triggered like it is with other bees or wasps. It’s like a teddy bear with wings, nevermind the stinger. How can something that looks so chubby, furry and soft harm you?


Similar to dragonflies, damselflies are smaller and slimmer. Maybe it’s due to the fact that their eyes are large, round and widely spaced but you cannot help but appreciate these insects. Often they are brightly colored too, making a sighting of damselfly an exciting one as you see a flash electric blue, green or red zip by.

Hot Neon Hopper Nymph

As the nymph of the plant hopper insect, this orange bug with the neon green eyes bulging out of its head is quite adorable. What is it about gigantic eyes, whether it be on animals or insects, that somehow makes them cuter? This is definitely true about the hot neon hopper nymph.

Jewel Beetles

Jewel beetles are magnificently colored and almost sparkle and shimmer. You could place them and about 100 of their friends on a Christmas tree and it would look spectacular. These insects have made a name for themselves with their brightly colored appearances and have long since fascinated scientists and entomologists for centuries.

Pest Control

For all the bugs, insects and pests that aren’t particularly adorable, Gold Coast Pointe Pest Control is here for you. Though no matter the cuteness, pests are not favored guests you want staying in your home.  Our team of experienced technicians are skilled at keeping your home pest free year round. Continue enjoying the earth’s most enchanting insects where they belong, in the great outdoors.

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