Spider Control to Relax Your Arachnophobia Fears

Spider Control to Relax Your Arachnophobia Fears

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears. People try and convince you that they are small, harmless and more scared of you than you are of it, but it doesn’t help. You’re still terrified. Before you bust out the hairspray, household cleaning spray, or a flame thrower, call Pointe Pest Control to save the day. Going through the seasons of the year without a worry that you will find any 8-legged horrors roaming your house is a priceless thing and with our guaranteed services, this will be a reality.

Year round protection

Most people think that because spiders “disappear” in the winter months, that they are gone. This is not true. Some species of spiders die in the colder months but leave behind an egg sac ensuring the survival of their posterity—which is thousands of baby spiderlings ready to claim your home as their territory. Other spider species hibernate during the winter and just because you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not hiding. Homeowners often notice that colder months bring specific kinds of spiders into their home. These have made their way inside to escape the harsh temperatures outdoors. Spider control during all seasons of the year is important if you’d like to keep them from lurking around your cozy house.

Protect your family

Whether it’s protection from a debilitating fear of spiders or protection from common venomous and dangerous spiders, spider control is extremely important for your household. Most common house spiders are not dangerous. If they bite, the reaction is minimal. However, there are other spiders that can cause great harm to you or your family members, such as the brown recluse or the black widow spiders. The brown recluse can be found in homes, barns and basements while black widows favor dark, cluttered areas such as woodpiles, garages, and dimly lit corners.

At Pointe Pest Control we understand the arachnid fears and want to help you feel relaxed and at ease in your home. Year round protection is the best way to combat spider infestations and we return every season for guaranteed prevention. Our methods are friendly to the environment and safe for your family so you won’t need to fear the risk to your loved ones and our beautiful planet. Our customers are important to us and we look forward to serving you!

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