How Rain Influences Insect Activity

How Rain Influences Insect Activity

Have you ever wondered where the bugs go when the rains fall? Since your body produces its own heat, you are considered to be endothermic. Insects do not have that advantage. Most insects are ectothermic, meaning they receive their warmth from the environment. If it is a nice warm day, the bugs are warm and active. If it is a cold day, insects slow down and don’t do very much. Most insects cannot survive Chicago snow. But then we are talking about a different type of precipitation, rain.

When it Rains it… Depends on the Insect

When it rains the temperature drops. If you are a honeybee, you are sensitive to the barometric pressure, and you can sense when a storm is coming. Honeybees will simply sit in their hive, munch on a bit of honey and wait for the storm to pass. Wasps will do the same. Since they build their nests in areas that are protected from the rain, they will just wait for the storm to pass. If you are a moth, it is time to find a place to wait out the rain. During heavy rain storms if you look under the leaves of plants, you will find moths waiting for the sunshine to return. Some species of ant, might decide to try and invade your home. If you are a mosquito, you don’t care about a rain storm. That’s right; there is another reason to hate mosquitoes. Even though they get hit with raindrops, the body of each mosquito is covered in tiny water repealing hairs. They are able to escape the drop continue to look for someone to bite.

Seasonal Rains

Rainstorms are on thing, wet and dry seasons are another. During really wet years, there is more water available, so more plants are able to grow. More plants equal more food and you are going to find a lot more insects. On dry years, there isn’t enough water for extra vegetation and the number of insects decreases.

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