Maniacal Meat Bees

Maniacal Meet Bees

There you are enjoying a nice barbeque with your friends; maybe you are even relaxing with an ice cold beer. It won’t take long for meat bees to arrive. You will notice that meat bees love meat. They especially love sugary beer and pop. Did you know that those fat little meat bees aren’t really bees? That’s right, any beekeeper would be angry at you for even calling those flying menaces bees. You are dealing with yellow jackets. When it comes to Naperville Pest Control, you can rely on the professionals with Pointe Pest Control.

Yellow Jackets

There is a big difference between bees and yellow jackets. For the most part if you leave bees alone, they will leave you alone. Yellow jackets on the other hand will sting you for no reason. Bees will only sting you once. Bees will only sting if they are threatened, because if they sting you they die. Yellow jackets have a rapid stinger; they can sting you multiple times, and then sting you again. In addition, yellow jackets have sharp mandibles, and they will use them to bite you as well.

The Life and Times of the Yellow Jacket

If you have a lot of yellow jackets in your yard, you might have a nest. Yellow jackets love to build their nest underground. They are on the lookout for an old rodent den, or a space around a tree root. Once they find a good spot, they begin to build their nest. In the spring and early summer, they won’t be a problem. When yellow jackets nests are young, they go after a lot of insects. The protein is good for their larvae. When late summer and fall rolls into Naperville, that is when the yellow jackets change their diets to sugar and meat. That is when they will swarm your outdoor picnics and barbeques. An established nest can have nearly a thousand yellow jackets. If you mow or trim your lawn, the vibrations can make them mad. You will soon be surrounded by a swarm of stingers and biting mouths. If you walk too close to their nest the same thing can happen.

Say Goodbye to Yellow Jackets

With Pointe Pest Control, you are getting the best in local pest control. Our technicians mean business. When they arrive to your home, they come ready to work. We have all the right equipment to eradicate yellow jacket nests. If they are nesting in your lawn, we’ll find them. If they have made a nest in the voids of your walls, we’ll get rid of them. We have years of experience. No matter how big or small the infestation, our technicians will be able to create a pest eradication plan that will fit your needs. We will massacre those meat bees. With Pointe Pest Control on your side you can reclaim your yard and enjoy it again.

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