Lawn and Garden Pests in Kenilworth

Lawn and Garden Pests in Kenilworth

Kenilworth homeowners are known for their green thumbs, evidenced by the beautiful landscaping that begins to appear in Kenilworth yards this time of year. When planning your garden and thinking about the proper soil, planting dates, and weather forecasts, don’t forget to think about lawn and garden pests. If you’re already venturing out to do yard work this spring, keep an eye out for these three Kenilworth garden nightmares:

1. Japanese Beetle

The Japanese beetle feeds on over 300 species of plants, including shrubs, garden plants, roses, and crabapples. They also love common garden vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, and strawberries. Japanese beetles begin appearing as larvae in the spring, then complete their pupation as adults as early as May. They chew between the leaf veins and leave nothing behind but a skeleton of your beautiful gardening handiwork.

2. Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer threatens 17% of Chicago’s parkway trees each year. It’s no bigger than a penny, but since 2002 it’s been the known culprit for the downfall of millions of ash trees across the Midwest. The adult beetles take care of the exterior damage, but it’s the larvae you have to worry about – feeding on the inner bark and inhibiting the tree’s ability to circulate water and nutrients. If you see D-shaped holes on your ash trees or are attracting lots of woodpeckers, your ash trees may have an infestation.

3. Bagworm

Like the Japanese beetle, the bagworm has a taste for a wide variety of lawn and garden plants. They are particularly notorious in our area for the destruction of evergreens, but they also like maple and crabapple trees. A female can lay up to 1,000 eggs in a single bag. The eggs spend their winter in this bag, then hatch in late spring. From here they climb high into your trees and begin to feed from the top down. The best way to control bagworms this time of year is to find their bags and handpick them off your trees. You should always seek the advice of a pest control professional before beginning any insecticide treatments in your yard. The experts at Pointe Pest Control can help – they’re trained in the best local procedures, products, and equipment. Call us today for a consultation.

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