Beware the Biting Bed Bugs

Beware the Biting Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are biting in a home near you. Chicago has been named the top bed bug infested city, with Moline, Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign and Springfield making it to the top fifty. Your chance of encountering this insect is increasing. If you thought they could only be found in run down motels, think again. Bed bugs have been sighted in hotels, motels, restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals, movie theaters, and even on our elevated trains.

What makes bed bugs so successful?


    • Researchers have found that there is a low genetic diversity with bed bug infestations, which means that only one or two bed bugs can start an entire apartment outbreak.

Adaptability: Over the years bed bugs have become immune to many of the common insecticide treatments that you can pick up from the store. Forget Foggers: Foggers are not effective. Bed bugs will move into your walls and electrical outlets and wait out the fog. Once the smoke has cleared, they will be back. Hitchhiking: Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, only flat. Their unique body shape allows them to squeeze between the folds in your luggage, purse, briefcase, and clothing. You could be transporting bed bugs and never know, until you bring them home. That also means secondhand couches and furniture you purchase could already be infested. Egg Laying Machines: A single female bed bug in her lifetime will lay more than 200 eggs. Populations can grow to infested levels quickly. No Food, No problem: If you go on vacation, bed bugs will wait for you to come back home. They can go several months without eating and will be ready to feast on your blood when you get back home. Changing rooms is not an option: Normally bed bugs will be found within 8 feet of where you sleep. If you are tired of getting bit and move to a different room, watch out, a hungry bed bug will travel over 100 feet to find you. Bed bugs are built to find you: Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, moisture and the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Bed Bug Elimination. No matter how bad an infestation becomes, you do not have to accept it. Pointe Pest Control has been successfully eliminating bed bugs outbreaks. When it comes to bed bugs, our certified, knowledgeable technicians have years of dedicated experience. We have numerous methods to ensure that bed bugs stop biting so you can sleep peacefully. If you and your family are tired of being bit, help is a phone call away. Call Pointe Pest Control and your bed bug problem will soon be solved.

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