Knee Slapping White Elephant Gifts

Knee Slapping White Elephant Gifts

The holidays bring many parties and get togethers for family, friends and co-workers alike. These parties are filled with food, drinks, music, laughter and games galore. One game favorite that is a big hit during this season is the ever popular white elephant gift exchange. Simply put, guests bring a strange, random and/or humorous object wrapped in pretty packaging. When opened, these gift produce horrifying or hilarious reactions. The bigger the reaction, the better the present. To achieve such shock and awe with your white elephant gift, you need to be creative. Pointe Pest Control will help you with that! Here’s our list of some awesomely pest themed gifts:

1-Taxidermy rat

taxRat Photo Credit:

This gift will generate an incredible amount of laughs, especially for those avid hunting lovers. If they have several mounts proudly displayed in their home, a rat would be an equally cool trophy, right?

2-Fake Bed Bugs

fakebedbugs Photo Credit:

Found at most joke shops, fake bed bugs would be hilarious. Sprinkle liberally inside a box and watch the recipient have a panic attack. And if you can’t find fake ones…real ones would give an equally awesome reaction. Just kidding. Don’t hunt down real ones!

3-Insect Candy

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.59.40 AM Photo Credit:

We all know that sweet treats gobbled in abundance over the holidays is a common practice so why not wrap up some sweet critters too? Whether it’s chocolate covered ants, cheddar cheese worms, or cricket lollipops, finding these inside a gift box will surely give someone the jitters.

4-Framed insect

framedspider Photo Credit:

A beautiful framed butterfly is a nice present and considered a lovely work of art. So why not put a funny spin on it and frame an earthworm? Or a grasshopper? Or a spider? You never know, maybe they will actually hang it in their home.

5-Stuffed animal cockroach

stuffedcockroach Photo Credit:

A stuffed penguin wearing a santa hat or a Christmas bear with a bow are a few cute toys children love. Who doesn’t like a soft, stuffed animal? Unless it’s a stuffed cockroach! It doesn’t exactly garner the same affection when one of the ugliest insects on the planet is made into a stuffed toy. But it could get you some laughs! White elephant gift exchanges are one of the best loved games of the holidays and adding a little icky pest theme will surely make your gift a memorable one. Let’s keep the pests for the party though. If suddenly you notice the pest theme leaking into your home and you have irksome rodents, roaches or spiders peeking around every corner, call in Pointe Pest Control to get rid of them quickly. No games here, we guarantee 100% removal and will do our best to make you happy. Put Pointe Pest Control’s year round pest protection on your holiday wish list, you will not be disappointed!

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