Keep it or Kill it: Don’t Harm Your Helpful Friends

Keep it or Kill it: Don’t Harm Your Helpful Friends

As you spend time in your garden, you become one with nature. You’ll see all sorts of crawly insects and maybe think to yourself, “Here little fella, live in my garden and do some good.” But you might be deceived, just because it’s an insect in your totally organic garden, doesn’t mean it’s good. Or, on the flip-side, you might see an insect in your garden and think, “Oh no you don’t! Die! Die! Die!” Before you raise your trowel to dismember a defenseless, good insect or build a bad bug a summer home amongst your tomatoes, listen up and we will help you figure out which bugs to keep around in your garden and which ones to get rid of.

Cabbageworms: Keep it or Kill it?

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This pest is murder on a vegetable garden. Broccoli, cauliflower, kale and turnips are among their favorite treats. They bore into the center of the vegetable and contaminate them with their feces. This insect is destructive beyond description but it does have a few nemeses out there, including spiders, lacewings and yellow jackets so make sure you keep those ones around. And then so long cabbageworms. Answer: Kill it

Lady Beetles: Keep it or Kill it?

ladybug-169942 Everyone knows and loves ladybugs, but the lady beetle which is the ladybug larvae, isn’t quite as well known. With its long, slender, black and red body, it attacks and feasts on many harmful garden bugs such as mites, thrips and aphids. This bug is essential in your garden and is the ultimate defender. Then when it grows up and becomes the aphid killing, yet adorably beautiful bug, you just can’t lose with lady beetles. Answer: Keep it

Slugs: Keep it or Kill it?


You might notice slugs after heavy watering or a particularly rainy week. That is because they love wet and moist environments. There is really nothing good about these pests, they love to eat almost everything. There is nothing safe in your garden when slugs are around. They can eat a plant faster than it can grow, making their destructive powers unmatched in the harmful pest world. By spreading salt or ground up eggshells around your plants, you can eliminate them from your flower and vegetable gardens. Answer: Kill it

Praying Mantis: Keep it or Kill it?


The praying mantis is a master at camouflage and finding one is your garden is tough. They do this for a reason, if you can’t see them, then most likely their prey can’t see them either. Praying manti are expert hunters and will devour many terrible bugs that make your beautiful plants their breakfast. Definitely keep these guys around! Answer: Keep it Knowing the good from the bad insects in your garden can be tricky. At Pointe Pest Control we are happy to help you keep your garden healthy and strong. If you have an infestation of harmful insects, call us immediately before these bad bugs harm your garden plants any further. Our treatments are environmentally friendly and won’t hurt your plants, pets or family members. We look forward to serving you!

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