Bugs to Watch

Out for This Labor Day Weekend

Bugs to Watch Out for This Labor Day Weekend

The most common Labor Day activities are celebrated outside. What better way to enjoy a 3-day weekend than to spend it in the outdoors. It’s the perfect time to go camping, enjoy a baseball game, go on a hike or soak up the last bit of warm weather on the lake. Summer is just about over so there is no sense spending all that free time inside. Get out and enjoy the fresh air and hopefully temperate, warm weather. But as you and your family enjoy some togetherness in the great outdoors, there are bugs you need to watch out for. It would be a pity to have a nasty encounter with an insect ruin your weekend.


If you spend any time near lakes, rivers and streams, mosquitoes will quite literally eat you up. A warm, relaxing picnic can turn into a nightmare if mosquitoes crash the party and start biting. Pack some mosquito repellant with deet to keep them away. If you are planning a backyard BBQ, call Pointe Pest Control beforehand so we can treat your backyard. Our treatments are effective in your yard, attacking the problem before it hatches.

Bees and Wasps

Nothing ruins your day more than a bee sting. Not only is it immediately painful but the pain can last all day, swelling and stinging for hours. That Labor Day BBQ in your yard is immediately miserable if you are swatting away wasps. Do you have wasp nests around the exterior of your house? This is something you need to get taken care of before the party. Wasps can be aggressive if they feel threatened.


Hiking and camping are enjoyable outdoor activities spent with the family. Just remember, you share the outdoors with many other creatures, including spiders. Be aware what tree branches you are grabbing as you hike. As you gather tinder for you fire, put gloves on. Grabbing a pile of twigs or logs can be a dangerous thing because that is exactly where spiders, including black widows, like to hide.


Ticks are a scary insect since they can transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain fever. These are scary and dangerous diseases, thus spraying for ticks is vital. Not only is this a threat to you and your family but to your pets too. Treating the areas around your house can keep the tick population controlled. When you are outdoors, bug spray also helps to keep them away. Tuck your long pants into socks and this will also prevent them from crawling up your pant legs.

Professional Pest Control to Keep Your Holidays Pest Free

Pointe Pest Control in Illinois is ready to help you keep your holiday weekend pest free. Treating your home and yard for the insects that can potentially ruin your lovely holiday is our specialty. Removing the toughest of infestations is what our technicians are trained to do. No infestation is too difficult and our work is completely guaranteed. Scheduling regular inspections and treatments keep the pests away year round. Call us today, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

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