How Effective are Essential Oils at Repelling Mice? 

How Effective Are Essential Oils at Repelling Mice?

Finding out that mice have made their way into your home is a huge blow. If you know even a little about how disease infested they are and how much damage they do, chances are that you felt a little sick to your stomach upon seeing a mouse or finding droppings. When you see one mouse, chances are there are more because mice are sneaky. By the time you’ve figured out there is a mouse, it has probably had babies and their babies have had babies. A rodent infestation can quickly mushroom from one mouse, so acting quickly is paramount.

Can DIY treatments like essential oils remove rodents?

When a rodent infestation is discovered, your initial reaction might be to google some DIY treatments. While these may catch and deter a few rodents, often times they don’t get rid of the entire problem. But the verdict with essential oils is still out and the reviews are mixed on whether or not they help keep the rodents away. The most effective essential oil is definitely peppermint oil. Some suggest spraying it along the baseboards diluted in a water spritzer. Others suggest peppermint soaked cotton balls distributed throughout your home.

How does peppermint oil work?

There are two reasons peppermint oil repels rodents. The first is that it covers up the rodent pheromone trails, making it difficult for them to find their way around. The second reason it works is because rodents hate the smell. It irritates their nasal cavities and that intense menthol smell in high concentrations is quite a deterrent. You must use it in a high concentration because if it is simply a weak aroma, the mouse will not be bothered by this.

Professional rodent control is a must

While peppermint oil and other such remedies are mildly successful at discouraging rodents from certain areas, it doesn’t remove them from your home. They will simply hide deeper in the walls and you simply can’t cover every square inch of your home with peppermint. And you might start to hate peppermint. This oil is a good idea if applied near areas where mice might try to get in, but to get rid of an existing infestation, you need a professional. You might have tried the peppermint idea because you think that professional rodent control is toxic. With Green Pest Services, you will never have to worry about this. We only use non-toxic rodent treatments so you and your family will be protected. When you need rodent control in Elmhurst or surrounding areas, give us a call today!

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