How to Avoid House Flies

How to Avoid House Flies

As summer is upon us, so is the glorious warm weather and sunshine. The kids are off of school, vacations are upcoming and there is an overall sense of palpable freedom. Summer also brings on challenges and one is pest control. Insect eggs hatch in the springtime so by summer, the full size adult insects seem to be bothering you everywhere. With your sweet children running in and out of the house constantly, the one phrase set on Repeat on your lips is “Close the door!” Why don’t children get how important this is!? If the door is left open, flies make their way inside and after one negligent summer day with the door wide open, you are sitting on your throne, Lord of the Flies.

Why it’s Important to Keep Houseflies Away

Flies are filthy carriers of many diseases and bacteria you don’t want around your home or your children. They spread diseases, like dysentery, cholera, conjunctivitis, salmonella, tuberculosis and many more. Not only that, they can transmit the eggs of parasitic worms that burrow into your flesh. They can transmit a disease known as Leishmaniasis that is known to eat human flesh. So other than the fact that houseflies are as annoying as anything can be, they are also a danger to your family.

Here’s how you can Fight Back

Find the breeding source: Flies lay their eggs in wet, stinky and unsanitary places. If it’s dirty and bacteria infested, that’s where the houseflies will go. Pointe Pest Control technicians are experts in hunting out common breeding sources and can easily scout out the problem site.

Clean or remove the breeding source: Once you find where they are breeding, remove it as quickly as possible and clean the area with strong chemicals. Removing and disinfecting the area where the flies have been is an important and essential step to getting rid of a housefly infestation. If they don’t have anywhere to lay their eggs, the infestation will stop.

Call a professional: Pointe Pest Control technicians are experienced at scouting out where the problem areas are. If you need fly control, we are there to help you out. Treating common breeding sites and helping you get rid of them is what we’re good at. Our methods are safe for the environment and for your family so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals around your children.

Schedule routine pest control: Flies, like all other pests should be treated year round. Treating for these pests only in the summer months might quell the infestation slightly but putting out the problem before it starts is the first step. Our treatments are designed to attack the eggs before they hatch so you never even see the insects. Call us today to get your home completely pest free for the summer, so you can get back to the fun in the sun!

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